Pretty Muddy Race Re-Cap

Hey NeverEver’s!

It’s Friday and I am writing…Although they may have more to do with the fact that I have been avoiding my blog. I don’t even know why it’s so hard to write right now. I open up a new post and I see that blank white page and I come up blank. Really can’t tell you how many times I tried to write this re-cap and just deleted all of it.

However, no more. I am making sure to write about this amazing event that I had so much fun for!


So I traveled all the way to Sacramento for this Pretty Muddy run. Now if you don’t live near California or haven’t visited from the Los Angeles area to Sacramento is about 460 miles (1 way).  Needless to say it was a very long….Long drive in which the hubby and I came to the conclusion that we will never drive it again. Next time we fly.

Anyways, I have to be honest and say I was super excited to see that water tower saying that we finally made it to Sacramento!


However, to be honest I was tired. I slept on and off while the hubby was driving and even when we stopped for a little bit it wasn’t the best sleep in the world. But I was here and I was going to rock the 3.1 miles that I got lucky enough to run and represent.


Oh and yes I made sure I cover my hair. I was not going to drive home with mud in it. That just wasn’t happening! But Pretty Muddy had me covered and given me this amazing bandana to cover my beautiful locks! That was also the hubby behind me.


Then we were off. I will be honest I had a plastic sandwich bag protecting my phone so some of the photos aren’t the best.


Now Pretty Muddy wasn’t going to force you to do any of the obstacles. As you can see here there is plenty of room to go around if you aren’t feeling up to any of them. Which I LOVED. My last mud run made us do all the obstacles and I was not ready for that. They were hard!

This one was an over the wall and even my short littleness was able to get over it!


Then it was time to run and crawl through some things but I first really had to take a selfie!


I also had to share my lovely mud hand! This was right after crawling under some rope. Oh so much fun!


I made it over! This was my victory selfie that I made it over a fence that was taller then myself!


I didn’t know that I didn’t get the whole sign until after (the sun was really bright) so the amazing sign says ‘All it takes is all you’ve got’. I loved that sign and what it said!


Okay so one thing that was AMAZING, about this run was that there really was no massive Hills. If you say my last mud run last year they had a hill of doom which was really a mountain in disguise. Pretty Muddy had a small lump in the ground that had a rope to pull you up. And I rocked it!


After the little lump it was the rope wall. And I will admit for a second there I was really thinking that I would just walk around this one. It was a little scary. But I decided to try it. If I couldn’t do it at least I tried!


And this is me after I totally rocked that rope wall! I was so excited.


One of the last obstacles before the end. It was supposed to be high knee runs but we all just walk stepped over these bad boys. At this point in time I was really missing my sunglasses.


And me and my Muddy self! I actually forgot to pick up a medal and the medal guy chased me down to give it to me. I was Muddy, tired, and having the time of my life with this mud run. But the real surprise came when I stopped my polar.


That’s right I finished this Mud run in 1:04. Which is tons better then my last mud run and as I stopped for every obstacle on the field I was so happy with my time.

I would and have recommend the Pretty Muddy 5k to everyone. They seriously need to come to the Los Angeles area so I don’t have to drive so far but other then that it was amazing!

So NeverEver’s it has been a big release to finally write this for you. So happy to finally share my amazing experience with Pretty Muddy.

So how far have you gone for a run? Have you done a mud run before.

2014 – Its Gonna Be Legendary

Hey NeverEver’s!

Man it is 2014, in fact it is already the afternoon on the first day in 2014. Time is already flying and really isn’t stopping. Or at least that is how it feels when dealing with blog / technical stuff that is way above my own computer skills. However, after a few hours and many chats later it has been figured out. It should all be fixed tomorrow then I get to add my widgits among other things. 

But for now…well now it is post time. It is time to bring in the New Year with a New Day. This is my plan for the New Year, starting with my runs ^_^


  • 1/1/2014 – My First 10k – Virtual Run 2014 Resolution Run 
  • 1/18/2014 – Hero’s Challenge Aladdin 5k – Virtual Run


  • 2/1/2014 – Green Lantern 5k – Virtual Run
  • 2/9/2014 – Hero’s Challenge Flynn Rider 5k – Virtual Run


  • 3/1/2014 – Batman 10k – Virtual Run

And of course these are just the Virtual Runs. I am still planning on doing many sponsored runs as well, just not sure which ones yet. As you can see, this year I am going to be doing some 10k’s, 6.2 miles, starting with tonight. I did decide after running more then 13 5k’s in 2013 that it was a good idea to up my mileage. Although for slow reasons, I am still building up my speed, I am going to stick with 10k Virtual Run’s and not do anything in a real race until I am sure the race won’t close behind me ^_^. 


Since I am running both this year in the 14in2014 challenge I shall have both pictures up on the blog (tomorrow on the side of the page I swear). 

Still can’t believe that I did 17 5k’s last year! Yes that is right I did 17 5ks! It was a mix of Virtual and Real Runs and each of them is important to me. But I gotta say I loved getting the medals from those Virtual Runs!! 

So that is my running goals, which things can be added to at any time. But what about my other goals? 



Well i joined Weight Watchers. Why? I miss having people that are walking the same path in person. The internet is great and I have met some amazing and inspiring people. But nothing beats the face to face. Also, as I have said in the past, working out isn’t hard its the eating right. And I need help with that. So, I joined. My meeting is next week. 

So that takes care of runs and food…that means we have workouts left right?!? Well here is my workout plan. 



Or at the very least…Week 1 of my workout plan. Yup that is right I am doing my Turbo Fire. I got into it, got into week 2 then got sick and never picked it back up again. Its a great freakin workout. Seriously gets that heart rate up and even though its challenging I felt like I could do it…maybe with a few more second breaks then everyone else…but I can do it. So I am sticking to this workout plan. Also, just to let you know…this plan goes on for 4 months. It isn’t a 30 day or 60 day plan…this thing is literally months long. But with each workout different and getting progressively harder its a new workout every month. 

So that is Races / Food / Workout goals for this year. So what about personal? 

Well in June Hubby and I are going to 



In July


In August I am going to


Plus there is the normal Birthdays, Anniversaries and Hiking Trips that are planned just not sure when. So this year is going to be Legendary! I feel it! 

So what are your plans this year? 

Guest Post – Caring for Your Health the Modern Way: Best Apps for Tracking Your Health

Hey NeverEver’s!

Its Tuesday and that means Guest Post Day!!! Today I am having a return poster Virigina! Originally she created the Essential Crossfit Gear To Give, which is a great post for the Holidays ^_^.  We are extremely lucky as today is all about apps!

Yup those things that we love on our phone, and the best ones for a Healthy and Active Lifestyle!


We’re living in a miracle age—technology drives much of what we do every day: from the digital alarm clock that wakes us so much more gently than the clanging silver bells or out-of-tune clock radios of our youth, to the electronic sonic toothbrush that scrubs our teeth to previously-unheard of levels of cleanliness. And if it’s true that all this technology has made some of us more sedentary (how many hours a day do we spend sitting in front of our computers?), it’s also true that more and more of us are actively pursuing new ways to get healthy.
                                                     Image Courtesy of ShutterStock
And, of course, for many of us these days, the most important tool in our wellness arsenal isn’t a treadmill or a food scale, but our cell phones. There are apps out there that do all sorts of awesome things: Track your daily steps, count your calories, record your goals, etc.
Below are 5 of our favorite (mostly) free apps for helping you get healthy and stay strong:
Map my Fitness helps you to plan and track your workouts, using just the GPS on your phone.  You can create your own fitness route or find an existing one, join a group of workout buddies or log your speed and calories burned.
This app also allows you to track your nutrition, calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and keep on top of fitness events in your neighborhood as well as around the country.
Price: FREE
Run Keeper is a fitness app that allows you to track your progress as you train at the gym or when you go out into the world to do your running or biking. It will tell you the length of your workout, compare progress with previous workouts and log your heart rate. And you can set it to let you know when you’ve reached specific goals.
Price: FREE
Weight Watchers Mobile provides many of the benefits of the Weight Watchers program, right there in your pocket. The Weight Watchers app allows you to count your calories, track your activity levels, look up recipes and read success stories from fellow health-enthusiasts.
Price: FREE
Everest is a fun app, because it allows you to track any goal you like. Planning to quit smoking? Always dreamed of conquering your debt? Dying to lose 15 pounds? Everest helps you set small, achievable goals, all designed to lead you straight to your own personal mountain-top.
Price: FREE
5. FIG
Fig is more focused on overall wellness and holistic practices. It allows you to establish your own wellness guide with topics ranging over various categories (Eat, Move, Refresh, Connect, Feel, Go Further). You can connect with other people and measure your progress or create action plans to help you reach specific goals .
Price: FREE
Zombies Run! 2 is almost more a game than a running app. As you run for your life on the treadmill or through your local park, you feel more like a kid playing a fantastic game, than an out-of-shape adult trying desperately to get in shape. The app provides dozens of storylines, and lets you choose your own musical accompaniment to add to the mood.
Price: $3.99 (yeah, we know. This one’s not free. But. . . ZOMBIES!!!!!)
Who needs a personal trainer! With just your Smartphone and a selection of really great apps, you can easily take control of your fitness routine. And maybe, just maybe, enjoy yourself while you’re at it.

Virginia Cunninghamis a freelance health writer and fitness enthusiast living in the Los Angeles area. While personal health and wellness is her speciality, her writing, in correlation with HostPapa, also covers the tech industry, including apps reviews, social media and web hosting. 


Hey NeverEver’s!

Wow its December. Its seriously December 1st! What happened? Where has this year gone? I am not sure and if it wasn’t for this blog I am pretty sure my internal calendar would be way worse then it is. 
Anyways, it is December and I am happy to say that most of my Christmas gifts have been gotten. Its now just the odds and ends that I still need to get. I won’t be getting a tree until next weekend but I can’t wait! And I just got some old Christmas favorites of mine…finally! 
Yes I got them on Groupon but it was such a great deal and I love these Christmas Classics. Now I just need to get the rest of them ^_~. Plus as today is officially December I get to watch one of these badboys! Not sure which one though, and since the Hubby is feeling sick I am thinking about letting him pick! 
How was your Thanksgiving? Mine went pretty darn good. All the cooking went well, I timed the Turkey being done w/ the family coming over perfectly. However, my dessert was a little to sour for me. Cranberries and I just don’t get along. 
I would like to mention that the coke you see is not mine…I am still 5 months clean, that is my Father in Laws. We can’t get him to stop -_-. 

This was my plate and my ONLY plate. Not sure if it was because I cooked all day and just wasn’t that hungry or if I actually learned about portion control. Anyways, I filled my plate w/ my Spinach and Apple Salad, Roasted California Golden Potatoes w/ Pepper and Garlic, Roasted Carrots and Walnuts and my Turkey w/ Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce. 
I did have some of the dessert that was brought by my cousin. She brought home made flan and plain cheesecake. I did have 1 slice of each and they were delicious!
I hope that your Thanksgiving was guilt free, drama free, wonderful time w/ your family and friends!
Did anyone go shopping on Black Friday? Usually for me I don’t go out, well not for a few years, but this year we just decided to go. But it wasn’t for a gift for anyone else…it was for ourselves! 
Yup Hubby and I got ourselves a new T.V. This thing is a beauty and it is a wonder that it took us so long to get one! Its a Samsung 55 in 3D. Wonderful…I can’t wait to watch the Christmas specials on this thing!!
So what are you plans this Holiday? The healthy plans that is. Mine is pretty simple with only 2 challenges that I am doing this month. (what thats small compared to last year!)
I found #Elf4Health last year and it was amazing! Lindsay and Ellie are doing it again and you can still join! Today’s challenge is to do 100 burpees (yay -_-) but I will get it done. 
I am also doing a BeachBody Challenge Group as well. I have decided to take the Brazil Butt Lift Master Series for 30 Day challenge. And I am planning on doing the workout in the mornings…since my work schedule has changed and I don’t have to be into work until 8am. So since I am used to waking up a little earlier then I need to for a 8am schedule I am going to be using that time to work out. 
Okay NeverEver’s its time for me to take care of my sick hubby and enjoy my lazy Sunday! I hope you all have a wonderful one and may your Monday be light! 

Guest Post – How to Have a Happy & Healthy Holiday (Protein please, Hold the gluten!)

Hey NeverEver’s!

It is now officially 2 days away from T-Day or otherwise known as Turkey Day. So of course this Tuesday I had to have a special Thanksgiving Guest Post and I found one! A special thanks to Amber from Eats & Exercise Amber for coming up with this post about having a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving.  The table is set, the turkey is cooling and everyone gathers together.  Around the table family and friends, one by one say what they are thankful for.  While everyone else is treasuring this moment, if you have Celiac Disease, food allergies, or intolerance’s, you’re more concerned if whether your host is going to unintentionally poison you.  It’s hard to give thanks when you’re worried about the serious complications accidentally ingesting gluten could do to your insides…

Dealing with a diagnosis of Celiac or other food limiting conditions/intolerance’s can be tough, especially when it comes to events that are revolved around food.  I was sure that my first gluten free Thanksgiving would be awful but it wasn’t!  Instead, I survived, thrived even, with not an ounce of gluten accidentally ingested AND I educated my whole family on cross contamination and why we couldn’t mix up the spoons for gravy and stuffing.
This year, I found out that I wouldn’t be able to go home for Thanksgiving.  So instead, I would be spending it with my boyfriend and his family.  While most girls would be excited, I was at first anxious and uncomfortable.  The whole idea made me feel sick as if I had already been glutened!  His family doesn’t know my dietary needs that well and often forget that in addition to gluten, I cannot have lactose.  So, after a few weeks of worrying and planning out possible what if scenarios, I decided that enough was enough and that it was time to take charge of the situation because if I wasn’t going to ensure my health and safety then who was?
So, if you are experiencing your first gluten free Thanksgiving or spending the holiday with those who may not be familiar with your needs, here are my five tips on how to have a healthy and happy holiday!
Talk to your host about everything.  Whether you feel as if you are being annoying or not, you are your own best advocate and if you don’t speak up, it could result in you becoming sick.
1. Not all turkey’s are gluten free – tell your host this ASAP
Do your research and provide your host with a list of safe and unsafe turkeys.  For example, Butterball turkey is not gluten free, Wegmans’ brand is.  When broaching this subject, remember to be polite and courteous, do not demand they buy a certain brand, say something like, “I did a little research and found out that not all turkeys were gluten free.  This was something I wasn’t aware of, so I found a list of safe and unsafe brands for you to keep in mind when you’re shopping please”
2. Ask your host what the menu/meal plan is. 
Most families have a typical menu for every year, so it should not be too difficult to ask this in advance.  If your host is unsure, then go over what ingredients that you cannot have, such as breadcrumbs in the stuffing, specific broths that are not gluten free for basting the turkey, gravy mixes that use wheat flour, etc.  You may need to write this down for your host or send them an email list.  If you think that they will forget, then write it down or email it to them whether they want you to or not.  Also, remind them closer to the day of about specifics you talked about!  Depending on your host, they may be willing to make some changes to their meal menu so you can enjoy as many side dishes as possible. 
3. Provide ingredients for the host to cook with. 
Most “normal” people do not keep lactose free butter, gluten free bread crumbs, xatham gum, rice flour, etc. in their house nor do they need to!  If your host is willing to cook with your ingredient substitutions, provide them with the ingredients.  For example: gluten free croutons/bread crumbs for the stuffing, lactaid milk, and lactose free butter for the mashed potatoes
4.  Offer to help cook
If your host is using your “special ingredients” or says that they are using naturally gluten free items, offer to help them cook.  I know it always makes me feel better when I have prepared or helped prepare the food I plan on eating.  This ensures that there has been no contamination because I have watched it like a hawk.  Plus, your offering to cook helps lessen the burden on the hosting chef, who probably is just as nervous about serving you, as you are about eating their food!
5. Don’t let yourself be deprived! Bring your own sides AND dessert!
Your host should be able to provide you with a gluten free turkey (since there are plenty of brand options out there) but as for side dishes, well that could be a whole different story, especially if it’s great great great grandma’s recipe that is a tradition to be made, as is.  If this is the case, make your own sides!  If you are traveling, pack a cooler with your pre-cooked sides and when you arrive on location, politely ask where you can store your own prepared sides.  Just before dinner, pop your own options into the microwave.  If you feel embarrassed or silly doing this, don’t.  You are being smart and allowing yourself to enjoy what YOU want to eat on this holiday!  If you are staying on location, bring your own ingredients to prepare your own sides.  For my gluten free, dairy free Thanksgiving feast this year, I know that I am going to have to make my own sides.  After talking to my boyfriend’s mom, I realized that although there would be some gluten free items for me, there would not be lactose free items.  I am extremely sensitive to whole milk and butter, so instead of having a bare plate, I plan on making my own sides!  I will be replacing milky mashed potatoes with a sweet potato, gluten filled biscuits with a few slices of cornbread I made already made a batch of and froze, and cream of mushroom gluten-filled green bean casserole with green beans and mushrooms sautéed with a little olive oil.  While it may not be the easiest thing to have to cook for myself and travel with my food, it also isn’t easy to sit at a table and watch everyone else eat what I cannot have.  In addition to side dishes, don’t forget about dessert!  If you’re an avid baker, bake something for everyone.  If you don’t feel like making enough for everyone, make a single portion of a sweet treat you would like to have while everyone else is eating dessert!
I hope that these tips helped!
Stay happy & healthy

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Thanksgiving Food Prep

Hey NeverEver’s!

We are officially 3 days away from Thanksgiving which I just can’t believe that means we are that close to Christmas. Well I can but I would prefer if we could go back a few months ago ^_~. Time seems to be flying by with no stop.

But anyways, since this is Sunday and I usually do my Food Prep or at least Food Planning for the following week I thought I would tell you all about my plans for Thanksgiving. Because to tell the truth Monday – Wednesday is going to be left overs. All my cooking skills are going to be stored up for Thanksgiving.

So here is my Game Plan!

TurkeyFig Glazed Roast Turkey (Food Network pg 155) I have never done a glazed Turkey, I have done a Herb Rubbed, Brine and Salted. But never glazed so I am really looking forward to this one.

Stuffing – I am doing SkinnyTastes Mushroom Quinoa Stuffing. I have gotten my family to like Quinoa and I wanted something different then a bread stuffing.

SauceCranberry Orange Sauce (Food Network pg 155).

Vegetable – Carrots with Walnuts (Food Network pg 176)

SaladSpinach Apple Salad (Food Network pg 176)

DessertCranberry Pear Crisp (Food Network pg 94)

I was able to find most of the recipes in the magazine online of their page so I have included the links!

What is the best thing about this upcoming Holiday? It isn’t the food that I m cooking, although I am looking forward to it. It is the

The run I am doing that morning!

Yesterday I picked up my race gear and I got all of this! Look a T-Shirt, Hat, and Time Card! Plus we all get a finisher medal!!!

Really looking forward to this run!

Oh and before I leave for the night, heading to the Laugh Factory tonight w/ the Hubby, I wanted to share with you all my latest NSV!

I got boots to fit over my calf! Now this is a BIG BIG deal for me. I have always wanted to wear knee boots and high calf boots but my legs were just to big to fit into them. Well I got it! I lost a nail (well the length of it) getting one of them on but it doesn’t matter. It went on!


Okay NeverEver’s, I am ready to call it a night. So how are your Thanksgiving plans going? Are you ready? Have you started on your Christmas list yet? I have but then I am a Christmas Freak so thats ok ^_~

Arctic Zero – A Healtheir Dessert!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Yes its Saturday and I am writing?!? Wonders never stop during the Holiday season does it? However, I am doing a review today and would like to say out right that I am NOT being paid for any of what I am saying. I did get free samples but everything in which I am about to say is my own opinion and not anyone else.

So even though its winter everywhere else here in California it can still be in the 70’s and sometimes even higher and that I still want ice cream at times.  Well I was lucky enough to be invited by Arctic Zero to try out some of theirs.

At first I was skeptical of course. A healthy and good tasting frozen dessert? Not likely but I was game to try it. And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised but not only how good they tasted but that there was no ‘healthy’ after taste that some healthy mass produced items taste.

My favorites were the pints!

These 2 flavors were my favorite. The Maple Vanilla which was creamy and had a sweet after taste that really made my day! The other one was the Cookie and Cream. It had just enough of the ‘cookie’ taste that I fell in love with!

 Next are the bars and I made the Hubby try these. Mainly because they are dipped in chocolate and well chocolate isn’t my thing. Never really has been. However, from the Hubby’s review they are delicious and taste just like ‘the real thing’ which from a guy ^_^.

So here are some stats about Arctic Zero!

The pints come in Maple Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream, Mint Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee and Chocolate.
They are only 150 calories for the whole pint!
The bars are 85 Calories and Chocolate and Vanilla dipped in Chocolate and Strawberry and Orange dipped in Chocolate.
They are Fat Free, Lactose Intolerant Friendly and Gluten Free

And the most important part is that they are delicious! See if Arctic Zero is near you!