BodyMedia Edition

NeverEverBeenSkinny Welcomes You! 
I am finding that writing this 2nd post wasn’t at all as easy as I thought it would be. Seems that it is harder then the 1st post, but this shall be done!
Today I wanted to introduce everyone to ‘BodyMedia’ or as my friends like to call it the ‘parole bracelet’. 
BodyMedia is an amazing device that sits on your left forearm and keeps track of your heart rate, how many steps you take, and how well you are sleeping tonight. 
This unique tool is how I am recording my calories in / calories out. I am planning to post my Activity Manager Results with you at the end of each day. Here was yesterdays stats. 
As you can see I didn’t get to my calories consumed quota. Not because I am trying to starve myself…but because I was running around all day, interviewing, and was able to eat low in calorie but high in fiber or protein snacks to keep my hunger away. 
I have found that like most of everything in the Exercise World, BodyMedia only works when it is used. However, when used properly, i.e after a gym class or jogging around the neighborhood,  you can look closely to see if you are working out as hard as you thought you were. 
Well this is it for upselling the BodyMedia for now. Will be posting my exercise later on!

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