Workout of the Day: Les Mills Body Pump Edition!

NeverEverBeenSkinny @ss kicking workout!
So I just got out of one of the many classes that are offered by 24 Hour Fitness. Today was Les Mills Body Pump class. Its basically a weight class that hits your legs, back and arms at different intervals and not allowing more then a 10-30 second break between sets. 
I will say this…I was sweating. Which means something was being done right. hardest part of the workout was when we were doing the Behind the Head Press. Apparently my arms haven’t been bent in that direction in a while so it was challenging. 
As always here is my stats today from BodyMedia! 
As you can see I didn’t hit my ‘Steps Taken’ quota nor my ‘Calories Burned’ but I have more calories out then in and that is what is important! 
That is it for today NeverEvers! 

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