Dinner with Friends

Hey NeverEvers,

So I just recently faced an issue that we have all faced once or twice before. The dreaded, yet we always want, dinner with friends.

We want to go out, we want to have a good time, yet we also do not want to derail ALL the great things we did in the past just for one night. And we want to avoid…at ALL costs the dreaded ‘Thoughts of Shame’

You know those thoughts, the ones where “Oh I should have gotten water” or “Why did I need to eat that”. Well I am not at all perfect in this, but I just accomplished a wonderful dinner with a friend, we even shared a desert, that was only 718 calories at the end of it!

Dinner with Friends and still LOVE yourself in the morning! 

So here is what I had at TGI Fridays!

  • Appetizer: The Tuscan Spinach Dip. 
    • How did I save it? We split it and talked. The more we talked the less we ate and before we knew it we had only 1/2 of it between the both of us and the nice waitress took the rest of it away
    • Total Calories – 278
  • Main Entree: Petite Sirloin Streak (pictured above) with Non-Buttered Corn on the Cobb and Steamed Broccoli
    •  How did I make this one work? Well first the petite steak is only 370 by itself, which isn’t bad, but I made sure to eat my vegetables first. By the time I was done with them I could only eat about 1/4 of the steak. The other 3/4 is for lunch! 
    • Total Calories – 201
  • Drink: Beer. 
    • I just made sure to order the 16oz and have at least 1 glass of water with it so I wouldn’t want another beer. 
    • Total Calories – 153
  • Dessert: Salted Caramel Cake
    • This one was tough, or would have been if I wasn’t already fully with my veggies and steak. So by the end of it, we again shared and I only had the ice cream. 
    • Total Calories – 86
So this all added up to a yummy, yet I won’t yell at myself in the morning, dinner of only 718! Now that is what I call good times!

So NeverEver’s go out and eat with your friends and don’t forget to live a little!

One thought on “Dinner with Friends

  1. Wow that looks soo good!! I think its fine going out to eat with friends once in a while. The important thing is not to over eat and to drink lots of water 🙂

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