Workout of the Day: Friends Day

Hey NeverEver’s!

As you know I went to have dinner with a friend…but he is also my gym buddy! So before dinner we kicked our larger then life @sses at 24 Hour Fitness!

So because my Muscles are still recovering from my major Body Pump exercise on Tuesday, we did some hardcore cardio today.

  • 20 minutes on the Rowing Machine

followed by

  • 45 minutes on the elliptical 

I would like to point out that without my Darling there at the gym with me…I never would have survived, or thought I could survive, a 45 minute elliptical session! So if you can NeverEver’s take a buddy with you to the gym! They push you harder then you thought you could go!

Here is the stats:

Even with my dinner still burning in excess of 890!

 So NeverEver’s go out and get a buddy to exercise with! Its easier when you are having fun!

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