Snack of the Day: Cottage with a Peach

Hey NeverEver’s!

So today’s snack of the day has to be extremely healthy yet filling…because I was a genius and forgot my lunch at home! Thank goodness I left this snack here from yesterday at work.

Not mine…but doesn’t it look yummy?!?

I really am not centered today, because not only do I forget my lunch at home…but before I can take a picture of my snack, it wasn’t as nice as the one above, I eat all of the delicious snack. So here is where the picture comes from Here!

Now I use 2% cottage cheese. I never really use any other. For 1 cup, which is A LOT, it is only 194 calories. Of course a peach, great water fruit, is only 59 calories.

So for a yummy, cooling, healthy snack, unless your lactose intolerant, have some Cottage Cheese and a Peach!

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