Day 6: Gym and Walk

Hey NeverEver’s!

How was your Sunday? I hope some of you were watching the Olympics 2012. I loved watching the Team USA Woman’s Beach Volleyball. Man did they look awesome and play an even better game. It made me want to head out to the beach, and I am NOT a beach person!

Okay so I am REALLY proud of myself today and what I have been able to do. As you know yesterday I was out all night at the Oban Festival and then to a friends house to play some video games, yes yes I play video games. But I went home at a not so decent time just to make sure I would wake up for my Gym Date and head to the Downtown L.A 24Hour Fitness.

So I get to the gym and he pushes me and I push him…until we get to the final cardio…20 minutes on a Stationary Bike. We choose this because the rowers are for once taken and we want to see the 400m Swimming on NBC Olympics 2012. Let me say this…those 20 minutes were hell on my @ss! I am only 4’11” and the seat was ALL the way down for my short legs and it still wasn’t right. I should have never stayed on it…but since I was on…well I was going to finish that last 20 minutes!

After the gym I head home, work on this wonderful blog a little bit, played some Zelda Skyward Sword with the Hubby, ate some Subway…and felt like I had so much energy! After thinking about it…and EVEN considering going to the gym for a 2nd time today…I decided that I wanted to go walk!

And here is the result of everything I did today!

Very Proud of myself today!

So NeverEver’s are you happy with how your Sunday went? Is there something you will be doing better next time? Something you want to do again?

That is it for now NeverEver’s!

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