Day 6: Oban Festival

Hey NeverEver’s!

Hope you didn’t miss me to much ^_^. Saturday is my day off from posting, usually because I am out and away from my computer the whole day!

So I am a little late but here is the stats from yesterday! Also some pictures of the Oban Festival and don’t forget to Read about the Festival! They had some pretty awesome, and intricate, dance steps. And the woman were in FULL Kimono’s! Which if you have ever worn one you know it doesn’t allow you to move at all. If you haven’t worn one think of a ‘Fishtail / Mermaid’ style prom dress. There is just no moving in it.

Doggy styled Kimono! Way to cute!

What I have to say one of the best things about the festival was the food. Yummy traditional food. I had the Udon for lunch, which is really thick noodles with some meat on the top.

Udon about 140 – 200 calories a serving

Okay so here is my stats for yesterday! 
Need to work on that calorie intake!
I did go over my calorie intake. And even though I burned more then I consumed, it is still very important to stay within your calorie  limit. Mine is 1500! Something that I will be working on!
So NeverEver’s what is something that you want to still work on? 

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