Workout of the Day: Walking VS Jogging

Hey NeverEver’s!

Okay so I will admit…I don’t like jogging…or running for that matter. I like walking for long distances at a steady pace! So it got me wondering, in the long term which is better for the body…walking or jogging.

Here is what I came up with:

  1. If you are prone to injury, i.e falling or tripping, or have a knee / back issue Walking is probably better for you.
    1. Walking +1
  2. You ‘should’ burn more calories in a shorter amount of time while Jogging then if you did the same time while Walking
    1. Jogging +1
  3. Walkers weigh much less then non-walkers, according to a Harvard 15-year study. 
    1. Walking +1
  4. Jogging is good for you in terms of ‘Cardio-Respiratory Fitness’, this is the ‘ability of your heart to pump stronger and more efficiently and your muscles to use oxygen more efficiently. (Non Medical Meaning? Basically that you are gonna help your heart keep pumping for a longer time!)
    1. Jogging +1
So Walking or Jogging shoes today?
It seems pretty even doesn’t it. An even 2 & 2. So I think it all comes down to how well you can ‘jog’ and if it feels right to you. If you don’t like jogging, join the club, then go for a walk. Just know that you do need to walk for a longer period of time to have the same burn that joggers get in a shorter time. 
Oh and one other thing NeverEver’s! Distance is important. If you can’t do 1 mile yet work your way up to it! You can take several walk/jogs during the day, or do an interval, which some say is the best way to lose weight, walk, then jog, then walk again. 
What is important is to just get out there and MOVE!! 
Here is what I found on the internet that is a good read on this subject!

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