Day 8: Les Mills #2

Hey NeverEver’s!

I know I am doing back to back posts. Sorry! But I really wanted to get that Snack of the Day post out since I haven’t done it in so long…and of course I HAVE to do my Daily Stats.

Daily Stats for me are extremely important. It is my way of showing the world that I either succeeded, failed, or did so-so. There is no way I can actually lie on these posts (I do not have photoshop…every one of these pics is done in Paint…Yes I am a ballin Paint user) and I do what to show my progress from NeverEverBeenSkinny to NeverEverUnHealthyAgain!

So as some of you read before I started a new job today. Now while that is an interesting experience in itself, there is nothing like the first day of anything, I had to get back to the Les Mills Body Pump class at my 24 Hour Fitness Compton Sport!

As the survivor of 2, yes 2, classes I can happily report that this class was easier then the first one. I still had to take my breaks, and I still hate those push-ups, but it didn’t hurt my arm as much when we had to lift the barbell to the ‘meaty’ part of our backs. I was also able to remember the moves so I didn’t have to take the whole class with my neck in a weird position watching the instructor! However, I did feel that position in my wrists…which means I need to keep them straight. I will keep working on that!

So without further talking here is my Daily Stats for Day 8:

I would have never believed days like this could have existed!

This is the type of day that I want to remember for when I don’t want to workout! This feeling of accomplishment!

So NeverEver’s this is my day stats. How did you do today? Are you happy as well?

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