Dinner on the Queen Mary!

Hey NeverEver’s!
Sorry I wasn’t able to post yesterday like I normally do, I had completely forgotten about the Macy’s Dinner Party that they were throwing for jewelry! Although normally hubby and I would not have been invited, store level only not really in the corporate sector, hubby decorated (with help) the room the party was held. So Macy’s decided to be really nice and invite the Visual teams to the dinner as well! 
Yay free food!

Not sure if anyone of you have been on the Queen Mary before. She is a really lovely ship in the Long Beach harbor. Her best time of the year is during Halloween since she does an amazing mazes! I have done the mazes and they are pretty elaborate…plus they have a dance floor & drinks!

 So the dinner was supposed to be Semi-Formal. I think I really nailed the idea of that! I got the dress last year, and it wasn’t tight at all, for Hubby’s and my anniversary! Plus, this is only the 2nd time I was able to wear those shoes! They remind me of a senorita because it has a wonderful flower on the side! Oh and Handbag…only $4.00 DSW clearance!

So before I knew that Macy’s had provided free wine, red and white, I wanted to get something from the bar. I decided on a Ginger Peach Martini. It wasn’t my taste in drinks at all, so the Hubby got it and he actually liked it!

This is one of my favorite pictures! I just love how the sunsets look in any beach city and Long Beach is no exception to the rule! 

So this was the dinner table. Have to say it was a little intense with all the silverware and not really knowing which to use. But I think I made it through the night with out THAT many faux passes! 

So the salad was really good. They served it dry and there was a boat of dressing but I decided to eat the salad with the ricotta cheese that they had on the side. It was delicious and I didn’t miss the dressing at all!

It was rare roast beef with scallops. Now I am not a fish person so I ignored the scallops but the roast beef was so good! The meat just melted in your mouth. I was surprised that the had the ‘purple potato’ on the dish but it was just as yummy as the regular one!

The Hubby and I! Now the thing he is holding in his hand is a necklace in the shape of a lollipop that was designed by LL Cool J’s (really not sure on the spelling but lets go with it) wife. It was a really cute gift that everyone got!

Did I mention that we had a runway show? No, okay so we had an awesome runway show featuring the jewelry or watches from Macy’s. I decided on this picture because you have two males for the price of one! I was just happy that they did the show in between the meal courses so we really didn’t miss a thing!

Now I had made a decision to leave off my BodyMedia when I went to the Queen Mary. Part of the decision was because every once in a while my arm needs a breather. The second part was because my black cover really didn’t fit all that well with it on!

So NeverEver’s I hope you guys had an awesome Thursday and even better today!

Hump Day: Walk in the Park: Day 37

Hey NeverEver’s!

Today went by pretty fast…although I think that had something to do with me watching Star Wars! Yes I am a nerd…I think I may even have a certificate somewhere in the house!

I did have a wonderful lunch and as I said a good movie to keep me entertained! Although I think I enjoyed the grapes the most, besides the movie, they were so yummy and just picked at the right time!

Anyways, instead of hitting the gym for my H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training), as I was still feeling my BodyPump I went a cardio route. I do enjoy walking outside and I was treated to a full moon tonight!

It looked better in person!

Side note there was quite a few spider webs out there tonight. I seemed to jog / walk into every single one! Had to take a shower as soon as I got in the door!

On a personal note, I have an interview tomorrow morning, and also on Friday afternoon. So maybe Monday starts me with a new job?!? That would be really nice of course.

By 1 calorie

I didn’t have that bad of a day! Especially with the family wanting fish, I don’t do anything more then shrimp, and the Hubby and I went to go get cheeseburgers.

So how was your Hump Day? Do you like walking outside or would you prefer walking on the treadmill?

Before Pictures Done Right

Hey NeverEver’s!

So as I mentioned before I got my ‘Before’ pictures taken by a really Good Friend Max! It really showed me what I need to work on, everything, and how far I have to go!


Although the pictures aren’t that flattering, but then again ‘Before’ pictures aren’t supposed to be. But I am happy that it is done. It is really motivational!

Here is the awesome photographer that took my motivational ‘Before’ Pictures!!


Check him out he really does some awesome Los Angeles Shots!!

Okay NeverEvers it has been awesome showing you these photos!

Have you done ‘Before’ pictures before?

BodyPump Tuesday: Day 36 + Birthday Party

Hey NeverEver’s!

I didn’t think I was going to be able to post tonight, as I had a cousins birthday party! Yay for Wendii turning 19 and on her 2nd day at Cal State Dominguez! Did I mention that I was able to stay away from that delicious looking cake!


You know I really don’t like the pictures that my iTouch takes…I mean really why is it so blurry?? Grr! Okay, so I was on the rush as my Body Pump class ended at 8:25, started earlier then usual, so rushed home, quick shower and well my awesome outfit came out of it. Yes I am totally working it ^_^.

Able to get ready right after my gym time!

I think this is the first time I posted a pic of the Hubby! Have to say even in 4in heels I still am short. I wish there was a stretching device for the short people in the world!

Hubby and I

Have to say I do love having left overs for lunch! My Lemon Chicken was still really moist and yummy! So happy that it turned out so well and tasted so yummy after it was already in the fridge since Sunday! Yay I am getting better at this cooking thing!

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!!

I had a great time at BodyPump tonight! Although I think that I might have put on a little to much weight on the bar. It was a little hard to finish the arm exercises but I did great on lunges! Might have to go a little less next Tuesday but I am still trying my best to make sure that each class challenges me!

Here is my Stats for Day 36:

Yay for 1056 calorie deficit!

I have to say that I had an awesome day! Yay for awesome days like today!

Oh on a side note, my ‘Before’ Pictures came in and I can not wait to show them to you guys tomorrow!

So NeverEver’s, how do you handle birthdays? A free pass? or a little off the top? or nothing at all? Today was a nothing at all type day but there has been days that I have done a free pass.

Manic Monday: Day 35 + 10 Pounds Lost

Hey NeverEver’s!

How was your Monday? Mine was a little ‘Manic’ but I have to say I do like it when its a little busy.

So I had a photo shoot today. Which I couldn’t stop laughing while doing. I have an awesome friend that is making an awesome career as a photographer (did I use awesome too much?). He is doing my ‘Before’ and ‘After’ pictures which is going to look awesome! I can’t wait to show you guys them once they are done!

I like the example below ^_^.

Person Pictured Is Not Me! 

Okay so after the photo shoot it was time to hit Target, who doesn’t love the new Target now, for some basics plus I do like their grocery area. I just got the little things that I needed that have don’t have to do with food.
When I came home I decided that I needed to clean the house…and I put it on the to-do list for tomorrow. Which is also joined by making sure that I am going through the closet and getting it ‘fall-ized’, which means that I am getting ready to donate some of the spring / summer clothes to goodwill. Lots of things to be done!

Spin, Spin, Spin

 Have to say my 2nd time hitting the bike was a little bit easier. I am actually really proud of myself because the instructor didn’t come in until about 20 minutes into the class. So some of the regulars put in a CD (not sure why he was carrying a CD but I wasn’t complaining) and we jammed, well cycled, until the instructor came in.
After she came in…well lets say she made up for lost time. I only had (1) water break and kept cycling even if I had to do it in the saddle.

So I have a BIG announcement!

I am at the 2nd LEVEL!

 I have lost a total of 10 pounds in 35 days! I am totally doing a Happy Dance this whole week + my workouts!
Side note I like this picture and how it shows examples of how much fat looks like once it is gone! I cannot wait to get down to that 20!

Okay so I didn’t realize that I forgot to do my Daily Stats for Sunday…sssooo here it is!

Sunday Fun Day!

And here is Monday:

Look at that number of lost! Its in Double Digits!

Yay Double Digits! I can’t say how happy I am to see that number!

Okay NeverEver’s, how was your Monday? What did you do for a workout? Have you done spin before? If you have how do handle being in the ‘saddle’? It hurts!!!

Sunday Fun Day + Day 34 + Cooking

Hey NeverEver’s,

I am a weekend chef now! I think I got addicted to cooking healthy meals for the Hubby and I. Now I just have to get it out of the ‘weekend’ and into the week…although that may take some time!

So here is Breakfast!

All finished the MultiGrain w/ Flax Pancakes!

Here it is all done! 3 pancakes for both Juan and I. Have to note that this is the first time we ever had Multigrain pancakes. They tasted really yummy!

And here is the making of it

Weird thing with Multigrain pancakes is that there is supposed to still have lumps. I had to re-read the instructions to make sure I understood it. Did I mention that I used to burn pancakes…or not cook them all the way through. Yes I was a baaaaddddd pancake maker, but I have gotten better! Yay!!

So here was dinner!

Lemon Chicken w/ Buitoni Three Cheese Pasta

So I was feeling a little adventurous today…I also had to make do with some left overs. And the picture above is what came up!

Here is what I used and the stats:

Serving Size 1 * Calories 601 * Fat 12.1 * Protein 50 * Carbs 79.6 *

  • Chicken Breasts
  • Black Pepper – 2 Tbsp
  • Salt – 2 Tbsp
  • Lemon – 1
  • Egg Whites – 1
  • Water – 1/2 Cup
  • Buitoni Three Cheese Ravioli – 1 Cup 
  • Pasta Sauce – 2 Tbsp
Breaded Chicken w/ Lemon Topping
Sprinkle the pepper and salt on each side of the chicken. In a bowl add the egg whites and 1/2 cup of water. In the other bowl put the bread crumbs. Dip each chicken in the egg whites then in the bread crumbs. Before placing in the pan to cook squeeze 1/2 of the lemon on the chicken.
Cooking the Chicken
Put the chicken in a pan and spray the pan and chicken with the Non Stick Spray, I use EVOO Non Stick Spray from Fresh and Easy. Make sure to cook the chicken all the way through. While cooking I add a few more drops of the lemon while the chicken is cooking. 
I got the chicken idea from here. Although I didn’t use the whole SkinnyTaste recipe it did give me the YUMMY idea! This was also Hubby approved! 
So how was your weekend? 

Weekend Updates + Yay for Cooking

Hey NeverEver’s!

I hope you have all had an awesome weekend! I have to say I am so proud of myself for cooking not only ONE but TWO meals this weekend!!

So for Saturday’s meal I did a Stuffed Pork Chop (I put a LITTLE to much basil in the middle but other then that it was delicious) and it was Hubby approved!

Stuffed Pork Chops w/ Buitoni 3 Cheese Ravoli

I found the recipe here, and although it calls for 5 tablespoons of ‘melted butter’ I only used 1 1/2 to put in the mix that the chop was in and used Non Stick Cooking Spray for the rest. Oh and I didn’t have any broth so I made do with water. It still turned out really yummy! I was shocked of course, but it was really yummy!

Anyways here is the Daily Stats for this Weekend:

Friday Day 32:

It was ALL for that Islands Burger!

I was so happy, not only did I work out on Friday just to eat the Islands Burger and I didn’t even eat the whole thing! I took half home! I usually don’t take anything home. Yay for the little steps!

Saturday Day 33:

Still burned more then consumed

Saturday was a LAZY day! If it wasn’t for the fact that we were hungry and there was NO food in the fridge I doubt we would have left the room! It was just one of those days! But we did get up and went go out to Fresh and Easy to get dinner for Sat and Sun!

Will be showing my successful Breakfast + Dinner for Sunday next post!

So what did you guys do this weekend? Any workouts done? Looking forward to Monday?