Workout of the Day: Day of Rest

Hey NeverEver’s

I know the title might be mis-leading, today however, it really about taking a break from working out. Why is it important to do a day of rest in between workouts? Why even though we hurt, but we can push through it, might it be better just to give your body a day?

I am here to figure out the answers to those questions! Because after my Zumba from Monday, my calf’s were feeling it, then my Les Mills Body Pump on Tuesday, my calf’s were burning, I needed a day. Now when I get up to walk it hurts, but as I continue moving I feel fine. But I decided that I needed a day of rest. Here is what I found why some officials say this is a good thing;

  1. Rest, i.e. sleeping or laying down, is physically necessary so the muscles can repair, strengthen and rebuild. I touched upon this on my Muscle Soreness
  2. You are ‘Adapting to Exercise’ or ‘The Principle of Adaptation’ is when you first start building a new skill it is hard and it gets easier over time. So when you first start working out it is harder, especially if you haven’t done it before or are carrying around 2 of you in 1 body, rest days are important so you can build up your body. 
  3. Taking a day off doesn’t always mean not doing anything. Depending on where you are feeling it, you can go for a walk, do some yoga (waiting on that one), even some Pilates (the easier classes).
  4. Don’t forget that it is important to give your ‘Mental Muscles’ a rest. You have been on a mantra ‘1 more lap’ or ‘Go for the Gold’ during your workouts that it is important to give that a break so you can hit it harder tomorrow!
  5. This one is my favorite, although most expensive, get a massage! Not only does it do those muscles good…but okay its bloody decadent to get the rub down. 
  6. If you are doing workout classes at your gym or other location, make sure to give your body rest between vigorous classes. 
  7. You know your body the best…listen to it. Take a moment and breath and see what it is telling you. If you are good to go then go, if not take a day. 
  8. Try to aim for AT LEAST 1 day a week with no workout. If you are a beginner you might want to try for 2 days off, just not back to back. 
So I hope you all can see the benefit of taking a day off every once in a while. Just make sure you get back on that workout ‘horse’ tomorrow! 
Nice muscles…I bet they take days off too!
Have a wonderful night NeverEver’s! Don’t forget to listen to your body!
Next up, Daily Stats! 

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