Daily Stats: Day 10

Good Evening NeverEver’s!

I have recently become addicted to pinterest! So if you see me twittering about some recipe or some motivational saying / background…well I hope you like it. Cause I ain’t stopping ^_^. Also if you are part of pinterest let me know and I will follow you!

Okay so today was a good day…except that I forgot to make my lunch and went to jack in the box instead. I got the 4 chicken wings. I only went over my calorie limit by ‘2’ points but it COULD have been avoided if I actually brought my healthy lunch.

So gotta do better tomorrow. In fact after I finish writing this I am going to go make my lunch for tomorrow.

Anyways, on to my workout portion of the day. I FINALLY got to the Huntington Beach 24 Hour Fitness. For those of you who like knowing things, I just started working in Huntington Beach right off the 405. So that gym is really close to me. I actually have to pass it to get on the freeway.

The gym is pretty awesome. Everything is up on the 2nd floor and there are multiple cardio machines but what I LOVE even more is that there are several, of the same type, of weight machines! So if 1 is taken you don’t have to wait you can just move to the same machine in a different area! Genius!!

So basically my workout was 10 mins on the Elliptical, 45 mins doing weight’s, and 10 mins on the Stair -Master! Which I am very proud of. Now I know 10 minutes isn’t something that is awe-inspiring and all but before today I was never, that is right NEVER, able to do more then 5 minutes of the Stair Master! And, with today I was able to make it an even 10.

Next week I am going to hit for 15 minutes!

Here is my Daily Stats from BodyMedia!

I got more sleep this time!

So NeverEver’s! I hope you didn’t forget your lunch…or if you did you made healthier decisions then I did. But, what is a moment that you are most proud of? Was it finally going the next speed on the Treadmill? Or was it doing that perfect crunch? Let me know I really want to hear about it!

Good Night NeverEver’s!

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