Workout of the Day: Favorite Machine

Hey NeverEver’s,

So today’s workout was still cardio but on a higher level then other days.
It was ALL gym today and I wanted to introduce my favorite cardio machine to you all here.

The under used, under loved, Rowing Machine

Did you know that this machine can burn up to 800 calories an hour! And…this is the best part…its a FULL body workout. Not like the treadmill which works the legs. This baby burns EVERYTHING!

I also may have forgotten to mention but this darling also focuses on your AB’s. That is because you are engaging them from start to finish! Not many cardio workouts do that now do they?

Here is a few more sites that you can check into if you want more information on the Amazing Rowing Machine!

Elliptical vs Rowing Machine  
Rowing Machine Benefits

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