Workout of the Day: Cardio before or after Weights

Hey NeverEver’s,

This one is a big debate. Even bigger then my previous debate Walking VS Jogging. If I keep doing these things maybe I should put them as ‘Debate of the Day’. Let me know what you think NeverEver’s!

Okay so here is what I learned about when to do your cardio.

You should do a warm up session before doing your weights. Nothing more then 10-15 minutes on a cardio machine of your choice. This is to warm up your muscles, get your blood moving and oxygen in your muscles as well.

After your warm up hit those weights! Don’t be afraid of heading over to the ‘Guys Area’ of the Gym. NeverEver Ladies you know what I mean, that area! Pick of a pair of 5-10, or more, pounder’s! You can even try a move or two on a barbel! Here are some slides and short video’s on how to get those weights on!

6 Head-to-Toe Toning Moves
Barbell Toning Moves
Workout Routine’s for Weights!

 After you are feeling the burn on either your chosen area, arms / legs / core, it is time to head back to the machines for the last time on this workout. Here is why;

  1. Your muscles are actually more energized after pumping iron that you can go longer on your after cardio routine.
  2. Because you burned your bodies ‘glycogen stores’ as fuel in your weight training, when you start your cardio you are now burning the stored fat on your body!  

Here is a few great articles if you want to read more up on this.
Article 1
Article 2
Article 3

So we learned here NeverEver’s to save your cardio till after your pumped some iron! Of course if you are just going into the gym for cardio alone there is nothing wrong with that!

So which exercise did you find the most challenging? I always find lunges hard.

Okay well that is it for now NeverEver’s!

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