Daily Stats: Day 14

Hey NeverEver’s!

I hope your Monday was less stressful then mine! Had the first meeting with my new boss today. To talk over what was done in the past week, especially since she was gone for a lot of last week. So needless to say it was a kind of stressful day.

I was able to make it to the gym…if only to find that I didn’t have any socks for my gym shoes. So today was a weight only type of day. I couldn’t necessarily do my cardio in heels. Although, I have heard there is a marathon for woman in heels. Not sure if that is something we should be running in but hey more power to them who run in those things…I can barely walk.

Anyways, here is my Daily Stats;

I again need to work on more sleep!

  I did forget to weigh myself today, which was silly because its Monday and its my weigh day. But I will weigh myself tomorrow promise NeverEver’s!

So NeverEver’s…I found that it was very important to have socks for my shoes. What have you found necessary to have at the gym?

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