Daily Stats: Less Breaks and Eating Opp’s!

Hey NeverEver’s!!

So how do you measure success? I used to say that success was losing weight, not that I worked at it before this. Then when I started working out I thought that success could be measured in how long I worked out in the gym. However, now I think success is not stopping in a class. Especially in a Weight or Cardio class.

And that is what I did today! This was my 3rd Tuesday with Les Mills Body Pump at the 24 Hour Fitness Compton Gym. Found out that 3rd time is a charm in not only making sure that I continue to come back but that I also don’t take as many breaks during the workout. Except those abs…I shudder to think about the ‘abs’ workout. Breaks are still done with that one…but there was less I do have to say!

Doesn’t this look fun?!?

I think the reason why I worked so hard today on my class is because I didn’t pick a ‘Healthy Choice’ meal. Going to Corner Bakery, and they do have healthier choices, I choose to have pasta…and not even the small one I choose the large one! I total whopping 1140 calories in 1 serving.

This means that I have to work all the harder tomorrow and learn that though I made a stumble here…it doesn’t throw my whole journey out of whack. I will make healthier choices even when working out!

Here is today’s stats;

Oy…Don’t want to repeat today

This isn’t a day that I care to repeat.

So NeverEver’s how do you pick yourself back up once a mistake was made? Did it take you a long time to get back on track?

Till Next Time NeverEver’s!

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