Cut 100 calories from your day!

Hey NeverEver’s!

Sorry about not being here yesterday, I literally just went home and feel asleep! Stats will be up later tonight!

You know that those little calories add up. 100 here, 300 here, and before you know it you are over your calorie intake for the day. I have been there and done that. But what I wanted was some simple things I could do, or swap, that would make a difference in my calorie intake. Here is what I found;

  • Eat your fruit instead of drinking it. Normal OJ is around 165 calories but an Orange is only 62 calories. Plus the orange peel makes your kitchen smell so nice!
  • Watch what you are drinking! Of course Soda’s are bad for you, even those cute 100 calorie small cans. They can add up!
  • Getting a cone for your ice-cream. Get the sugar cone instead of the waffle one! (I was surprised by this one)
  • Having chicken again? Take off the skin. Not only will it save you 4.5 grams of fat and 50 calories.
  • Did you know 3 normal sugar packs for your coffee or tea is already 33 calories. Try going for the 0 calorie sweetener.
  •  Like to cook? Try to switch out the ‘oil’ in the cooking and replace it with applesauce!
  • Portion size is so important! 20 years ago a muffin was only 210 calories and 1.5 ounces, today it is 4 ounces and 500 calories! 
  • Leaving the cheese off your sandwich or sub can save you 100 calories by itself. 
  • Try the Salad Dressing ‘Spray’ instead of dipping it the salad into the dressing.
  • Want a burger? Try going bunless!
This is just a few ideas that you can use to start trimming those calories down. A few steps in the right direction is easier then changing everything all at once. Well for most people anyways! Here is a few more sites where you can look up even more ideas for saving 100 calories or more;
So what do you change NeverEver’s when you started on your Healthy Life Choice? 

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