10 Tips to Eating Out and Still be Healthy

Hey NeverEver’s

Today’s post is all about being able to go out and not ruin your Healthy Living Plan! After eating out this weekend I felt that it was important to look up a few tips to eating out and not ruining your plan. Here are a few tips that I picked up;

  1. Try to plan ahead. Know where you are going so you can look up the menu items online. This is important so you know exactly what you are ordering so you don’t veer off course. 
  2. The more color you have on your plate the healthier it is. 
  3. If the portion you want is to big, then before taking a bite of it ask for a ‘to go bag’ and place half of your meal in there. That way you have a lunch for tomorrow and you don’t over eat that night!
  4. Try to look for these words ‘Steamed’, ‘Boiled’, ‘Grilled’. And stay away from ‘Fried’ or ‘Sauteed’!
  5. Don’t eat to fast. You want to take your time so you know when you are full! 
  6. Want Protein? Try ordering these leaner cuts of beef, strip, tenderloin, or flank steak. 
  7. Having dinner but don’t want the heavy dinner entree’s? Try having the Lunch Portions. 
  8. Try to do some healthier swaps. Having Breakfast, try getting ‘Egg Whites’ or ‘Wheat or Whole-Grained Toast’. Lunch? try to ask for ‘Brown Rice’. 
  9. Try and stay away from Soda’s. Instead get some water, iced tea, or lemonade. However, even with those drinks watch the sugar intake. 
  10. Be careful of what some restaurants are saying is ‘Light’ or ‘Low Calorie’. Sometimes if its low calorie its high in carbs, sugar or sodium. So read those descriptions and if you don’t know then ask!
Doesn’t that look yummy!
Well that is my 10 tip list. If you want to read more about it I recommend;
So get out there and enjoy life NeverEver’s!

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