As if we don’t have enough reasons to lose weight!

Hey NeverEver’s!

I was reading up on reasons to lose weight. As if we don’t have enough reasons before but I thought that this was a unique read. Here is what I found out

  1. Fat makes you forgetful. It was tested that women scored 1 point less on a memory test for every unit higher in BMI.
  2. Did you know that for every pound you lose you can run up to 4 seconds faster! 
  3. Less foot pain! You aren’t carrying around so much weight on your feet so its lighter!
  4. Of course you are happier and you feel more confident. 
  5. You can improve your skin!! Your skin is effected by nutrition, to much sugar and carbs, which can cause your skin not to look its glowy self!
  6. You sleep better. Have to say that is something I haven’t had in a while. 
  7. Did you know that Women who have excess weight was found to make less money then their average weight counterpart. In fact we can make $10,000 a year less. Lose that weight and ask for that raise!
  8. Reverse or never get Type 2 Diabetes! 
  9. Stop that injury from ever happening. When you lost just 10 pounds you can lose 40 more pounds of pressure off your joints in your ankles, wrists, and knees. 
  10. You can shrink your fat cells. That is right you can shrink your cells smaller. Which means a tinier waist, who doesn’t want that! So you lose that weight and you can get a healthier heart. 
So as if we don’t have enough reasons to lose the weight! Here are a few more. You just need to have the right motivation for weight loss. For me here is the biggest reason to loose weight, at least the first 50 pounds
  • I can get ANY smart phone on ANY plan! 
If you can’t guess I don’t have a smart phone and I really really want one! So the hubby made me a deal. I get down to 160 and the above deal stands. I can feel the pounds dropping ^_^. 
So what is your reason for wanting to lose weight? Is it a conventional one? Was it something on this list? Want to look at a few more reasons to lose weight? Check out these sites

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