Daily Stats: Day 22 + 23

Hey NeverEver’s!

Sorry about not being able to post yesterday my internet decided to circle the drain! But now it is up and running again and I can’t tell you how happy I am!

So I had a wonderful dinner on Tuesday I walked the Ontario Mills, biggest mall here in California I believe, and got some new workout shoes! On Wednesday I was walking Wilshire trying to deal with the bank 0_o.

Here are my stats for Wednesday + My Dinner + My New Shoes!

No workout except for walking that big mall! 

Now cooking isn’t my thing, but I am trying to get more into it. I can not just workout and except the pounds to come off if I do not handle the other half, which is eating. So here is what I was able to come up with for Tuesday!

White rice + no sauce meatballs!

Now I wasn’t going to get these shoes…because the first store that I found these at they were BRIGHT PINK! I like BRIGHT socks…so I can’t have bright shoes it would just clash. So we went walking the whole mall until we came to Finish Line and found them in black! Oh YA!

Aren’t they pretty!?! No more tying my shoes!

So for Wednesday Stats it was a little hard to add up. Hubby, a good friend and I went to Korean BBQ. Very popular in LA plus very delicious. Anyways, its a little hard adding it up but I think I got it all ^_^

Those KBBQ really takes a hit on you

I wasn’t able to really workout today. I was in dealing with a bank issue so I was literally inside ALL day. But I tried to walk around as much as I could.

So tomorrow has to be better for working out. But as I ate at a KBBQ and its unlimited food I am pretty happy with my calorie intake!

Hope you Hump Day was better then mine NeverEver’s!

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