Fitness Magazine — Stand Outs!

Hey NeverEver’s!

So I have signed up for Shape, Fitness and Self magazines…plus Cosmo, but that is my guilty secret ^_^.
Anyways, once they come in either in the mail or on my Nook, yes I LOVE Barnes and Noble!, I can’t wait to read it and see what advise they have or what exactly they are writing about. So I thought…why not do a brief post about each monthly magazine. The things that stood out for me.

I want those abs to! 

Here is the Fitness Magazine — Stand Outs!

  • A recent study has found that it isn’t always a good idea to just order from the appetizer menu instead of getting an entree. In fact after analyzing 30,923 menu items at 245 chain restaurants, appetizers had more calories, fats and saturated fats on average then entree’s and even desserts! So make sure to read that description!
  • Get more sleep gives you some extra energy in the morning so you can get to that early morning gym class! I add this here cause I really need to work on this one
  •  Load up on whole foods! Foods like whole grains, nuts, beans and fish (blah) saturated fat shouldn’t be an issue
  • Beware of Health Halos! You know where in big bold print ‘Low Fat’ or ‘No Saturated Fats’ maybe full of sodium, sugar or refined flour! So read those labels and think about what you are eating.
  • Kettlebells are better then dumbbells. Studies have shown that exercises who used kettlebells burned 400 calories in 20 minutes! —Now I have to try these out! 
  • It has been found that men exercise 2x more then women. We can’t allow this to continue ladies!
So this is what I picked up from Fitness Magazine for the September Issue. There is a lot more information in it…plus some awesome arm exercises that I really want to try. So pick up an issue and tell me what Stood Out for you!
Find more great information here at Fitness Magazine

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