Daily Stats: 25, 26 & 27!

Hey NeverEver’s! 

So I have been BUSY the last couple of days. On Friday there was the concert, and Saturday, although I stayed home, I was working on my blog, and Sunday was shopping at the Ontario Mills! Large place that one!
So here is my stats for Friday!
I think it was all the jumping up and down for Juanes that got me those calories burned!
And here they are for my lazy at home but busy working on blog day Saturday!
This is what a lazy day looks like…NOT PRETTY!
So Saturday was a disappointment…but Sunday is here with shopping!
So I didn’t make the 12,000 steps I thought I was going to…

 As a day of eating out for both Lunch and Dinner I am pretty satisfied I was able to keep my calorie so well in limit! I am still working on being able to go out and not eat what I used to eat. But it is getting easier to not clean off my plate but instead push it away or taking it home for a 2nd meal! And for me that is a GIANT step in the right direction!

Okay so I am showing off here a little bit…but I hope you don’t mind! Here are the spoils from Ontario!

Pink Sweater – Forever 21, Silver Skirt – H&M, Yellow & Orange Tanks – Wet Seal, Black Tank with Yellow Sports Bra – H&M, Necklaces – Wet Seal, Leopard Print Skirt – Wet Seal, Light Blue Blouse – H&M, White Sweater – Forever 21, Blue Purse – Marshalls

 I am so happy I was able to find a comfy sports bra that didn’t have removable pads…I got 2 of those and I hate washing them, mainly because I always forget to remove said pads! Also love my new skirts, I was getting tired of just having black ones!

Got these from Off Broadway! 2 Flats same style just different colors and these delicious brown heels perfect for fall!
So I am extremely happy with my spoils! Saved up for this shopping spree and got ready for the So. Cal Fall Weather, which if you don’t know is usually really hot until about end of October then gets really windy. 
So NeverEver’s how was your weekend? How do you guys handle lazy days at home? Especially when you don’t cook? 
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend NeverEver’s and see you Monday! 

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