Shape Magazine Monthly Stand Outs

Hey NeverEver’s!

So my last magazine Stand Out was for Fitness Magazine which I thought turned out great. But now I have Shape September Issue in my hands…well on my Nook…and I am ready to point out what Stood out to me!

First I have to say this…Jillian Michael’s looks fantastic on the cover!

  • Don’t have time to cook a meal but really don’t want to go through the drive through? Make sure that your kitchen is stocked with staples that don’t require cooking time. This includes;
    • Fresh Produce, Egg’s, oatmeal, almond butter, hummus, organic meats and whole grain pasta. 
  • At least one hour a week of jogging can add 5 years to your life! I think even I can find 1 hour to jog in a week!
  • Craving that chocolate bar? Tell yourself that you can have it…after you workout! A new study from CA Polytechnic State Univ. 
  • If you have a trampoline there is an awesome exercise routine on page 62 that ‘Bounces off the Bulge’! 
  • Don’t want to get sick this coming up flu season? Try taking these vitamins together Zinc + Cooper 
  • Want to know how to come up with some ‘Good ideas’ here are some tips
    • Go for a hike! This is a place where you can feel at peace with nature…and away from those e-mails!
    • Bring out your inner Lois Lane! Meaning bring a pen and pad with you, or your phone, to jot down your ideas when they happen…don’t try to remember them for later!
  • You can have your grilled cheese and eat it to! Some great tips like;
    • Choose Whole Grain instead of white bread
    • Add in something crunchy between the cheese like apples, radishes or spinach! 
    • Instead of using butter on the outside…try using a cooking spray!
So this is what I have picked up! They have an AWESOME Skinny Jean workout that I can’t wait to try! 
But here is the Shape September Issue Stand Outs!!

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