Manic Weigh In Monday: Day 28 + Spinning

Hey NeverEver’s!

I have to say…there is a reason why I avoided spin. I watched them all spinning on the bikes that go no where. Listened to the instructor say ‘Turn the knob a turn and half, We will be feeling it this song’ and watched while the people come out drenched but still smiling!

While watching I always said ‘That is to hard’ or ‘You aren’t at that level yet, workout some more and then you can go to that class’. Well today I decided I was tired of listening to that inner voice telling me I couldn’t do it yet.

So before I was able to talk myself out of it, and I am a good talker outer, I signed myself up for Spin at 24 Hour Fitness. And to MAKE sure I went I made sure everyone who follows me on twitter knew I was going…I wasn’t going to back out now that there was ‘internet pressure’ on me!

Well the results were in someways exactly what I thought it would be…VERY FREAKING HARD!! But I made it through. Only stopping 2x, and that was to get more water and I only went during a ‘Water Break’. That is where you sit in the ‘saddle’ and drink water while still spinning. I wasn’t always able to stay out of the ‘saddle’ but I made sure if I sat my rump down I still moved my legs!

I am proud to say that when I walked out of the class I was one of those ‘drenched but still smiling’ people!

Anyways back to my Weigh In Day!

Have to say…I didn’t lose a pound last week. Although I really am not surprised as I was dealing with some lawyer issues and was traveling all over So. Cal. i have to say that I am more proud of the fact that I didn’t GAIN any weight! Now that is something to celebrate!!

Here is my stats for Monday;

Not a bad day

I will say I am disappointed that I didn’t hit my Calories Burned Target. But there is always tomorrow, and tomorrow is Les Mils Body Pump!

So I wanted to add a new thing here for Manic Weigh In Monday’s…that is my weekly schedule, or what I am planning on doing! Here it is

  • Tuesday: Les Mils Body Pump, followed by 45 minutes on a cardio machine, not sure which one though
  • Wednesday: There is a new class called H.I.I.T or (High Intensity Interval Training) which I want to try. If there is no post on Wednesday night it means I didn’t survive the class ^_^. Also looking for a new job, yay fun!
  • Thursday: I really want to do a Zumba day for Thursday, but it depends on the H.I.I.T class. I might make this day a walk in the park day!
  • Friday: My Wonderful Day of Rest!
  • Saturday: Also a sorta day of rest as the Hubby and I use this as our day together
  • Sunday: Gym workout with a buddy, never know what I will be doing ^_~
Okay NeverEver’s, so what do you think about the ‘Weekly Schedule’? What are your plans for this weeks work out? 
Have a good night NeverEver’s! 

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