Self Magazine Monthly Stand Outs

Hey NeverEver’s!

I am really liking the feeling of these Magazine Stand Outs! So this is my Self September Magazine Stand Outs!

I really do love my Self magazines!

Here is what I thought Stood Out!

  • Exercises with access to an Online community were more apt to stick to their routine! You feel motivated even if you are just reading other peoples exercise posts! 
  • Jump Rope is an under used but great calorie burner! You do 14 minutes and you burn up to 13 calories a minute! 
  • Nearly half of ALL eating takes place between main meals! So for the first week of a new Healthy Living Plan record what you are eating and when. Once you see that information it is easier to make changes!
  • Almonds are actually good for your skin! Almonds have vitamin E which brightens drab skin!
  • Want to build muscles? Then you need to lift heavy, like 10+ pounds. How do you know when its the right pounds? When the last 2 reps make you want to grunt you know you have it right!
  • You should aim for at least 25 grams of fiber a day! Because fiber moves slowly through your stomach it keeps you full longer!
  • Don’t forget to brag about what you have accomplished! Even if its just a post saying ‘Just got out of the gym!’
  • We have all been told that we should set up little rewards when we accomplish something…but we should also have ‘consequences’ as well. Make a bet with a friend or a loved one and if you don’t make it then pay up!
Self had a great article about Money Nightmares on page 150. It really does touch upon all different things that make us worry about money. 
However, I cannot wait to personally try some of the meals on ‘Self Diet Club’ page 96! I mean who would have thought to put pumpkin seeds on a waffle?? 

2 thoughts on “Self Magazine Monthly Stand Outs

  1. I know I worry about those things as well. Never sure if I should feel it at the end of the first set or the send of the 3rd.

    I am a Fitness, Shape and Self girl myself, but I do like what oxygen has so I look into it a time or two.

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