BodyPump Tuesday: Day 29 + Over Eating

Hey NeverEver’s!

So I have gone to the BodyPump Les Mils 4 times, do you think its a habit yet? All I know is that it still takes me through the wringer. And of course I love it! I do have to say that I pushed myself a little harder in this class, I think to make up for the fact that I missed last week. I put on more weights then I have done before and I am feeling it!

Here is an after print of my shirt!

Front of Tank
Me with the tank on

Back of Tank

So I have to say I don’t think it looks as much as from my Spin Workout from yesterday but I really felt like I did.

I do have to say I am disappointed myself with my food choices today. I was great with my pancakes, not using butter to cook it! Even better with my favorite dish for lunch, PASTA. I had a small portion and a large portion of carrots. It was only 459 calories. However, I messed up with dinner. First I didn’t really have dinner I had dessert. Second, I wasn’t hungry when I ate the dessert and I still couldn’t stop from eating it.

So I added up the dessert calorie intake and it was 590 calories. If I had stuck with in my calorie intake from what I had left from Lunch I should have only had 373, which was fine. I already had my chicken ready for my protein after my workout.

Thinking about why I went out of my way to eat some dessert, and hiding it from the hubby, was boredom. Also, I was craving it for a while. Not that it is any excuse and I am very ashamed of myself because all while I was eating it I was telling myself ‘You Shouldn’t Eat This’ and ‘Why Are You Putting Yourself Through This?’.

Here is my Stats:

Even with me Over eating…I still Kicked @ss on my Workout!

I know that we all fall down and it is more important to make sure you get back on track! So I am not quitting this journey. It is a marathon not a sprint!

So NeverEver’s how have you been able to pick yourself back up again after you fall down?

I am going to leave this here for me and for anyone else going through the same thing!

4 thoughts on “BodyPump Tuesday: Day 29 + Over Eating

  1. Hey girl. I found your blog through a comment you posted on Sweettoothsweetlife. I've been snooping around on your blog reading a few different posts and I just wanted to say that you are doing awesome!! Your blog is very inspiring! I'm looking forward to reading more:) And hey we all have our bad eating days. Don't beat yourself up, just accept it and move on:)

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