Workout Wednesday: Day 30 + H.I.I.T

Hey NeverEver’s!

First I really want to thank everyone who gave me an encouraging word after I posted my ‘Over Eating’. You all really gave me so much motivation to make sure I keep this journey up!

I have to say I over slept this morning. Probably has something to do with my workouts and the fact that I didn’t have a job to go to in the morning! It was really nice and I felt that my body really needed the extra sleep. But, once I did get up (after I missed breakfast) I did start job hunting!

Ya I don’t sleep like that but I thought it was cute

Okay so I went to a new class tonight and I must have been crazy, really crazy! I mean on Monday I did Spin, and on Tuesday I did my Body Pump yet added more weights, and today I did a H.I.I.T or High Intensity Interval Training!

Man do I really feel it! That class had NO breaks, you were either marching in place or, horrible horrible things, Jumping Jacks! I really loved that class and I can’t wait to see if I have to stop as much next week as I did this week!

If you haven’t tried it yet…I have to say that this class moves FAST! Which is the whole point for H.I.I.T. The goal behind this class is to give you spurts of HIGH INTENSITY in SHORT INTERVALS. Here is a few things that I have been able to research!

  • It increases the amount of calories you burn DURING the workout and even AFTER the workout because it increases the amount of time it takes your body to recover after each set. 
  • It helps your fat burning potential as well as your athletic endurance because your body has to use the fat as duel during the workout
  • However, to get the benefits of this workout…you really need to push yourself! 

Wish I had found this picture before I typed everything lol

So needless to say I really am feeling ALL this weeks workouts…and yet when I came home I felt the need to take a walk. I didn’t want my legs to just freeze in place. So I took a walk around my neighborhood while enjoying a finally NICE night here in Cali. If you live here you know its been up to 100 all last week and I don’t have a pool!

So Here is my Daily Stats:

My walk really got me those steps!

For my calories consumed, I didn’t mean to eat that little, however that is what happens when you sleep until noon. You don’t have breakfast and you just have lunch and dinner. I am extremely happy with today’s stats!

So NeverEver’s after you made a mistake were you able to get back up the next day? Have you ever tried H.I.I.T? Were you able to make it all the way through? If you were you are my hero!

Resources Here and Here

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