Thursday: Day 31 + Walk

Hey NeverEver’s!

So I have some words of wisdom…ALWAYS CHECK THE DATE ON YOUR MILK! I didn’t follow this  rule and well it wasn’t awesome.

I am pretty happy that I did my Walk in the Park earlier in the day before I had that milk. I did decide that I although I didn’t really feel like I should be heading to the gym, I wanted to give my body a rest from my workouts on Monday – Wednesday!

Here is a pretty picture of the Lynwood Park that I was able to find! I hate the pictures my iTouch makes and don’t seem to remember to bring my camera to my walks.

Got from the Internets

Promise to try and remember to bring my camera when I walk. Sometimes I see some pretty awesome sunsets!

Anyways, here is my stats for Thursday:

Not a bad day

So even with the milk results I think I had a pretty awesome day!

My plans for today, Friday, is to workout at the gym and maybe if Hubby isn’t to tired from work going to go see the Expendables 2!

So I hope you all have a wonderful Friday NeverEver’s! And don’t forget to stay aware from bad milk!

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