BodyPump Tuesday: Day 36 + Birthday Party

Hey NeverEver’s!

I didn’t think I was going to be able to post tonight, as I had a cousins birthday party! Yay for Wendii turning 19 and on her 2nd day at Cal State Dominguez! Did I mention that I was able to stay away from that delicious looking cake!


You know I really don’t like the pictures that my iTouch takes…I mean really why is it so blurry?? Grr! Okay, so I was on the rush as my Body Pump class ended at 8:25, started earlier then usual, so rushed home, quick shower and well my awesome outfit came out of it. Yes I am totally working it ^_^.

Able to get ready right after my gym time!

I think this is the first time I posted a pic of the Hubby! Have to say even in 4in heels I still am short. I wish there was a stretching device for the short people in the world!

Hubby and I

Have to say I do love having left overs for lunch! My Lemon Chicken was still really moist and yummy! So happy that it turned out so well and tasted so yummy after it was already in the fridge since Sunday! Yay I am getting better at this cooking thing!

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!!

I had a great time at BodyPump tonight! Although I think that I might have put on a little to much weight on the bar. It was a little hard to finish the arm exercises but I did great on lunges! Might have to go a little less next Tuesday but I am still trying my best to make sure that each class challenges me!

Here is my Stats for Day 36:

Yay for 1056 calorie deficit!

I have to say that I had an awesome day! Yay for awesome days like today!

Oh on a side note, my ‘Before’ Pictures came in and I can not wait to show them to you guys tomorrow!

So NeverEver’s, how do you handle birthdays? A free pass? or a little off the top? or nothing at all? Today was a nothing at all type day but there has been days that I have done a free pass.

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