Hump Day: Walk in the Park: Day 37

Hey NeverEver’s!

Today went by pretty fast…although I think that had something to do with me watching Star Wars! Yes I am a nerd…I think I may even have a certificate somewhere in the house!

I did have a wonderful lunch and as I said a good movie to keep me entertained! Although I think I enjoyed the grapes the most, besides the movie, they were so yummy and just picked at the right time!

Anyways, instead of hitting the gym for my H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training), as I was still feeling my BodyPump I went a cardio route. I do enjoy walking outside and I was treated to a full moon tonight!

It looked better in person!

Side note there was quite a few spider webs out there tonight. I seemed to jog / walk into every single one! Had to take a shower as soon as I got in the door!

On a personal note, I have an interview tomorrow morning, and also on Friday afternoon. So maybe Monday starts me with a new job?!? That would be really nice of course.

By 1 calorie

I didn’t have that bad of a day! Especially with the family wanting fish, I don’t do anything more then shrimp, and the Hubby and I went to go get cheeseburgers.

So how was your Hump Day? Do you like walking outside or would you prefer walking on the treadmill?

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