Dinner on the Queen Mary!

Hey NeverEver’s!
Sorry I wasn’t able to post yesterday like I normally do, I had completely forgotten about the Macy’s Dinner Party that they were throwing for jewelry! Although normally hubby and I would not have been invited, store level only not really in the corporate sector, hubby decorated (with help) the room the party was held. So Macy’s decided to be really nice and invite the Visual teams to the dinner as well! 
Yay free food!

Not sure if anyone of you have been on the Queen Mary before. She is a really lovely ship in the Long Beach harbor. Her best time of the year is during Halloween since she does an amazing mazes! I have done the mazes and they are pretty elaborate…plus they have a dance floor & drinks!

 So the dinner was supposed to be Semi-Formal. I think I really nailed the idea of that! I got the dress last year, and it wasn’t tight at all, for Hubby’s and my anniversary! Plus, this is only the 2nd time I was able to wear those shoes! They remind me of a senorita because it has a wonderful flower on the side! Oh and Handbag…only $4.00 DSW clearance!

So before I knew that Macy’s had provided free wine, red and white, I wanted to get something from the bar. I decided on a Ginger Peach Martini. It wasn’t my taste in drinks at all, so the Hubby got it and he actually liked it!

This is one of my favorite pictures! I just love how the sunsets look in any beach city and Long Beach is no exception to the rule! 

So this was the dinner table. Have to say it was a little intense with all the silverware and not really knowing which to use. But I think I made it through the night with out THAT many faux passes! 

So the salad was really good. They served it dry and there was a boat of dressing but I decided to eat the salad with the ricotta cheese that they had on the side. It was delicious and I didn’t miss the dressing at all!

It was rare roast beef with scallops. Now I am not a fish person so I ignored the scallops but the roast beef was so good! The meat just melted in your mouth. I was surprised that the had the ‘purple potato’ on the dish but it was just as yummy as the regular one!

The Hubby and I! Now the thing he is holding in his hand is a necklace in the shape of a lollipop that was designed by LL Cool J’s (really not sure on the spelling but lets go with it) wife. It was a really cute gift that everyone got!

Did I mention that we had a runway show? No, okay so we had an awesome runway show featuring the jewelry or watches from Macy’s. I decided on this picture because you have two males for the price of one! I was just happy that they did the show in between the meal courses so we really didn’t miss a thing!

Now I had made a decision to leave off my BodyMedia when I went to the Queen Mary. Part of the decision was because every once in a while my arm needs a breather. The second part was because my black cover really didn’t fit all that well with it on!

So NeverEver’s I hope you guys had an awesome Thursday and even better today!

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