Weekend Updates: Hiking, Neptune, and Mazes Oh My

Hey NeverEver’s,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I can’t believe that it is already Sunday. It seems like the weekend just flies by…I would seriously like it to slow down, maybe smell the flowers? California in the Fall does have its colors!

 So Saturday was pretty busy. Hubby and I went hiking in the Los Padres Mountains. We still can’t seem to find the swimming areas, but that just means we have to keep heading back ^_^.

Last time we were here it wasn’t so ‘Green’ nor was there so much water. I loved how it looked!

That fallen tree wasn’t there either. Of course we all had to have our turn crossing it. There was a few times it ‘bounced’ that it got a little heart racing!
Max, the awesome friend / photographer, was the first to try the fallen tree. How brave is that! 

Hubby was the last but he decided he wanted to jump a little right in the middle. The whole tree, or is it a log now, decided it wanted to move as well. We all left the tree alone after that. 

Forget hiking…you burn calories trying to navigate over rocks! I swear it! Plus its fun and you seriously feel so adventurous trying to get around! 

Hubby caught me on mid-leap! I was so ecstatic that I actually made it. Personally, I was thinking it was going to end in a splash! 
So after all that hiking we decided we were hungry. Some how we ended up near Malibu, CA and stopped at Neptune’s Net.  
They have an awesome walk in area where you can pick out your own beer or other drinks. I went with the Shock Top, Hubby with the NewCastle and Max with the Stella. So many different tastes. 

By the time food arrived we were all very hungry. I went with the BBQ Pulled Pork, which was delicious, and Hubby went with the shrimp and Calamari. The Shrimp was yummy as well!

So while we were eating we found out that Hubby’s sister got free tickets to a Halloween Maze by their house. Needless to say we HAD to go!

The Haunted Hollywood Sports, which on non Halloween days, is actually a HUGE paintball place. What they did was each of the 4 mazes were created out of their original paintball ‘war’ grounds. The mazes were creepy and thrilling! 
Plus they also had this thing called ‘Zombie KillZones’ where you get a paintball gun, no paintball’s just air, and you can SHOOT at the zombies. Sadly our tickets didn’t include that BUT we are thinking about going back. I mean how many other things can you shoot at zombies?
Anyways before I forget, Daily Stats!
Daily Stats Day 66:
It was the Cookie Oreo Shake. And to tell the truth it wasn’t very fulfilling. 
Daily Stats Day 67:
See climbing over rocks seriously burns those calories! 
Okay so I am leaving you all with this. It is ON between the Hubby and I. Hopefully tomorrow I will be writing and gloating, about how my  Saints won the game! 
Hope you all enjoyed the pictures! I know there was LOTS of them, but it really is an amazing spot that had to be shared!
Have a good rest of your Sunday NeverEver’s!

Laughing is the Best Medicine!

Hey NeverEver’s,

So the last two days really hasn’t be great for me. The job hasn’t been great, mainly because the company wasn’t ready for this at all and really don’t know what to do. And, the fact that I am such a klutz that I twisted my knee, or at least it feels like it was twisted, in the shower last night.

I am really not sure how that happened of course…still trying to work it out in my head.  Anyways, I decided I wanted to look at things that made me laugh! Here is what I came up with!

The hubby found this one. The fact that they can get characters, that wasn’t created for this, to dance to this song…AMAZING!

I used to love these things! It was so much fun just to recycle them…plus they sometimes in different colors!

Its a cat…in a top hat. I seriously don’t need to say more right?!?

I can’t help but laugh at this one! Such a big load this truck has!

Okay so my Daily Stats. Be warned I am not happy with the last half of the week. Didn’t bring my lunch to work and I let me stress get to me…

Daily Stats Day 64:

Wednesday wasn’t bad. Went to the gym that night with a friend and it was my last good day this week.

Daily Stats Day 65:

Yup there it went. Office Sweets oy…

I wont be posting Friday until Sunday but it isn’t any better. However, I am going out hiking tomorrow with some friends and it is a perfect way to get back on track!

I can’t wait till we go until so many pictures and fun to be had!

So NeverEver’s, I will be having a much better week next week…I WILL be taking my own lunch, no more eating out. It is getting to expensive to my health and my wallet.

Have a great weekend you all!!!

Gym, Dinner and Evening Walk

Hey NeverEver’s!

I made it to the gym again this morning! Yup, second day of working out in the morning…which means I am waking up early in the morning! They say it takes 3 weeks to make something into a habit so lets see what happens the next three weeks.

Anyways, this will not be a super long post. I am way to distracted by the really nice walking weather outside. But, I have to let my food digest and I really wanted to show you my cooking tonight!

I call it…Turkeyburger Helper! Okay, its a horrible horrible name but I got the idea from hamburger helper as you will see ^_^.

I had some Turkey left over and I didn’t want to make turkey meatballs so I decided to go simple. A healthy version of Hamburger Helper and above is what I came up with!
The pasta was left over, I seriously can’t remember what this type of pasta is called, but it was wheat. And the sauce I used sun-dried tomatoes and basil with EVOO. It was a really tasty combination and something that I shall be cooking again!
The family loved it, even my father in law who doesn’t like ANY greens on his plate. Plus there was enough left over for lunch tomorrow! 
Which is good because apparently my temp assignment might be lasting longer then the original 2 weeks. Of course this is awesome because my 24 Hour is literally 2 exits before work or 2 exits before I get on the freeway home. I can’t miss it even if I wanted to!
Daily Stats Day 63:
Look at those stats. Second day back in the gym, after a LONG hiatus, and I make it in there two times in one day! Have to say that those stats look pretty good! This is a really good start to the Fall Season! 
Okay NeverEver’s, sorry if I rambled today…I re-read what I wrote and fixed things up and I STILL feel like I am rambling, possible its a mood. Anyways, I am leaving you with this as it is time for my Evening Walk. I found it and it really hit me:

Tuesday Morning Workout + Weigh In

Hey NeverEver’s!

Okay I am exhausted…okay a little more then exhausted. Hubby has a new work schedule, has to be in at 6:30, so it means we wake up around 5:30. I usually just turned around and head back to sleep. However, I was so tired of just wasting my time in the morning, feeling rushed and still sleepy. So I begged the hubby to wake me up with him.

So of course, as we are heading to bed all I can think about ‘You have 7 hours before you get woken up better get to sleep’ or ‘Why aren’t you asleep yet’. I didn’t get much sleep of course, poor Hubby had to deal with me tossing and turning the whole night.

But I woke up this morning AND I went to the gym! I know, not a morning person at all…but here I was heading to the gym for a workout before work. Not 100% certain if it kept me awake the whole day or if I felt like I had any more energy, but I will keep you guys updated!

So besides my new wake up schedule (I do hope I keep it ^_^), my temp assignment ends this Friday. Not sure how to feel about it ending. This really has brought me back into the working world. I do miss being at home all day at times, being able to work on this blog or reading my books whenever I want.

But, it is necessary to work. I like meeting new people or landing feet first in a new environment to see what I can do! So, I will continue to get new temporary jobs while looking for a job that is just right for me. Haven’t found it yet, but it is out there!

Okay so I weighed myself last night. Before working out and I am so excited, okay BEYOND excited, I lost weight!!! 2 pounds! I am still trying to wrap my head around this awesomness!

Daily Stats Day 62:

Look at that, down 12 pounds in 62 days! If I didn’t weigh myself and I didn’t know that I worked for that weight loss (on most days) I never would have thought it would be possible. Did I mention that my tight pants are looser? I think I did…but if I didn’t, well my pants are looser as well!

So NeverEver’s, have you ever lost weight that surprised you?
What is your dream job?

Till next time NeverEver’s I shall leave you with this!

Manic Monday: Firemen & Cooking Oh My

Hey NeverEver’s,

I hope you guys have seen the new ‘page’ buttons on the top of the screen! I am still working on them and hope to have all my changes done by the end of this week!

Let me know what you guys think about my ‘About’ page. I tried not to make it to long…especially about my childhood.

Anyways, had an interesting experience at my temporary work today. Somehow the fire alarm got pulled and we all have to get out of the building. It was like a maze with people really not knowing what to do. Kind of sad when I think back to all the Fire Drills we had at school. I know I wasn’t the only one that looked forward to those days!

Sadly my fire(wo)men did not come half dressed!

So we all are outside, finally, and small and big firetrucks, ambulances and some other emergency vehicles appeared but I am not sure what they actually were.

We, those that were hourly, were allowed to go home after the management team were informed that the professionals needed to check the whole building! So I got to come home early today ^_^.

After being sent home, I went to Target to get some food shopping done. Picked up lunch and dinner supplies. I do have to say, I like the Target food mart! You can really find basically everything you need, unless you want Organic or something that needs Trader Joe’s or Fresh & Easy. But my list was simple so Target was perfect for me.

Dinner was a small affair tonight. Since I came home early I had lots of time to think about what I wanted tonight. But usually we eat dinner around 6 or 7pm, but since I have a gym date tonight I couldn’t eat that late. So I changed everyone’s schedule and as soon as everyone was at home dinner was severed!

Tonight’s was a 3oz steak each that was cooked in Worcestershire sauce and EVOO. I did add some light garlic powder, which I think gave the steak its kick!

Side dish was California Grown Golden Potato, which was so yummy! It was soft inside and crispy outside. So perfect that all I needed to do was add a small dash of pepper.

Plus some Organic String Beans. I added a small amount of EVOO on top of the beans and I felt that it went right along with the crunchy-ness.

All in All dinner was a success, even if I did have dinner a little earlier!

Daily Stats Day 61:

For a quite Sunday, I am pretty happy with these stats!

Okay NeverEver’s, I have to get ready for my Gym date and my Monday Weigh In! I am slightly afraid what that gym scale is gonna say, but I can’t change if I don’t know!

What did you guys have for dinner tonight?

See you all tomorrow!

Sunday Funday! Weekend Updates + Schedule

Hey NeverEver’s!

It is so hard to get back into the swing of things, especially when it means waking up and having someone else schedule. But that is what a job is, even a 2 week assignment.

So today’s post is mainly to update my Daily Body Media Stats. Also to go over what I am planning to do this week.

Daily Stats Day 58:

Daily Stats Day 59:

Those Carl Jr’s Chocolate Chip Cookie was calling my name…and I paid for it.

Daily Stats Day 60:

Now Saturday’s Calorie Intake was something I planned on. Hubby and I went out to see the UFC Fight #152. It has been over a month since the last time we watched one, I was really missing it to tell the truth!

It was an amazing card! So much action, even on the pre-lims on fox. Plus it was a lot of fun running into the normal Applebee’s crowd for the fight! So although I ate more then my calorie intake it wasn’t as bad as previous fight nights!

So as yesterday’s entertainment, the UFC #152, was amazing today’s NFL Game for my Saints was anything but.

We had an amazing first half, but the Chiefs came back from Half Time on fire! We even went into Over Time…and it still wasn’t enough.

So over the next 7 days I do have a plan…hopefully this time it will become true!

WorkOut Schedule!

Monday: Weigh In + Spin, seriously it has been to long

Tuesday: Body Pump at the Gym

Wednesday: H.I.I.T, I have actually missed this

Thursday: Walk, maybe some jogging

Friday: Day of Rest

Saturday: Hiking in the Padres Mountains here in Cali

Sunday: Day of Rest

Other Highlights:

I am also getting together with a friend photographer who is going to show me how best to use my Nikon CoolPix L130, so soon you guys are going to be getting better pictures!

Also, going to start tinkering with my blog. Possibly getting a new layout or at least changing things around. You guys have to tell me what you are thinking about it! Please!

Okay NeverEver’s, enjoy the rest of your Sunday! See you all on Monday

Self Magazine — Stand Outs!

Hey NeverEver’s,

Can you guys believe that it is almost the end of September already? I can’t believe it. It really doesn’t feel like the first day of Fall, which is today. Nor can I believe that my birthday is less then a month away! Okay for that one its more on me ^_^ but really this year has gone by super fast!

Anyways, if you are a dedicated reader of the Self Magazine, you know that every October it is about ‘Woman’s Cancer’. Self’s previous editor, Alexandra Penney, along with Este Lauder’s creator, Evelyn Lauder, co-founded the pink ribbon in 92 (it seems like that tiny ribbon has been with us for so much longer) they took cancer from a dark hidden secret to  something that can and should be talked about.

So every October, and some months between, Self talks about cancer. What has been done, when check-ups should be had, and try’s to give as much information as possible. Here is what Stood Out to me while reading!

  1. Even though the month of October makes some of us think about ‘Oktoberfest’ (yes please take me) there is another way to get your drink on! ‘Cider Week‘ is all about hard apple cider. Apparently, there are different ways to drink delicious beverage, personally when Cider comes out it is officially fall for me. There is even a cider that has hops! Just like beer! One of them is called Yakima Valley Dry Hopped Cider. If you are a sweet drinker try Eve’s Essence. 
  2. The new ‘Runner’s Food’ is now Quinoa not pasta. Apparently it was studied in New York Uni that the grainy seed is higher in fiber and protein. So it keeps you going for longer. Something to think about if you have a race this Fall Season!
  3. If there are any guys reading this blog…you can ignore this post! However, ladies all eyes here! There are new High Tech Skin Scans…and they coming to select WalGreen Stores! It is called the DermoAnalyzer by Vichy and La Roche-Posay! It takes 4 different pictures of your skin under different lights and will give you an idea of which products will be best for your skin! If any of you is lucky enough to have this in your local WalGreen’s please let me know! 
  4. Tell yourself ‘I don’t skip exercise’ and you wont! A in the Journal of Consumer show that nearly 80% of woman who said ‘I don’t’ stuck to their workout plan for 10 days! They say it is because it signals your determination! 
  5. Want to create an At Home Gym you need to color it up! Don’t need to spend a lot of money, or even paint the whole place. Little strips of either Blue for that extra push, as we link the color Blue with limitless possibilities. Or Green for a little recharge, we link this color with nature and our roots. 
  6. Drinking Water with that hamburger will make you want to have a healthy snack. Studies show that we link sugary drinks with unhealthy sides and water with the healthy ones. This comes from the Univ of Oregon. 
  7. There was quite a few Breathing techniques in this months magazine. From Out Running your Fear from ‘Fear the Fear’ to Breathe for an Awesome Body which has points for runners, yogi’s and spinners (outside ones and inside ones!). 
  8. Smoking is bad for you. Okay we all know that, I just wanted to point it out that in Self it has a 9.5 bad for you score! 
  9. They also have some better then Fifty Shades of Grey books. Not bad picks if you ask me, which of course you have ^_^. 
There is also TONS of Cancer information, inspirational stories and of course kick ass workouts! The workout has a DIY Sandbag. Anyways, that is the information that really Stood Out for me. 
Let me know if something really talked to you as well! 
Next Stand Out…Fitness Magazine…or maybe Shape.