What Other Blogs Have Taught Me

Hey NeverEver’s!

I wanted to dedicate a post to all the awesome blogs that I read on a Daily. Have to say I enjoy learning new things and besides they are so much fun to read!

Here are a few ones that really popped for me this week!

Peanut Butter Comparison by Averie Cooks
She did a really fun post about different peanut butters. Have to say this…I really didn’t know there was so many different types! Not only that but there was some delicious looking, haven’t baked them yet so they only look delicious, recipes that have peanut butter! One of my favorite places to pick up healthy and tasty recipes!

Picture from Averie Cooks!

Taking the “dread” out of the ‘mill by fitnessista
I really do love reading this blog! I just love her style of writing and she makes it extremely fun to read! I really did love this post about the treadmill! I mean we have all been there and just bored on the treadmill.

How to Improve Rounded Shoulders by SweetToothSweetLife
This blog is amazing! Lots of different recipes and helpful fitness ideas! This one post really spoke to me as I am usually in a bad posture. So I keep trying these exercises to make sure I don’t slump all that much!

This of course is only a small amount of the blogs that I read but these were some of the first ones I ever read! I would like to thank all of these wonderful blog writers and their permission to write about them here!

So NeverEver’s what are some of your favorite blogs?

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