Actual Labor Day: Day 42 + Month Goals

Hey NeverEver’s!

How was your Labor Day? Mine was sun filled…and I did get burned. I really tried to avoid that by putting on sunscreen every hour and half but I still turned red.

It was a beach day! Yay…well not really because there is a ‘Red Warning’ out on the coast today, meaning that there is a very strong rip current. We were only allowed to go up to our knees on the water. The exceptions were the surfers and people with flippers.

The ocean was just waves and foam

Nevertheless the family and I had TONS of fun at the beach today. Sadly, the beach we went to, as we thought the beach would be PACKED because of the Labor Day, didn’t allow cooking. So we just got a whole bunch of snacks. My snack of choice…Blue Diamond Nuts! Really filled me up!

The Family!
Did I mention that the water was cold? No? Well it was, so since we really couldn’t go in that far I didn’t go in that much…BUT I did keep my Body Media on and took 144 pictures! It was a workout to walk in the sand but it was worth it. 
September Goals!
I started this blog on July 23rd not knowing what I was doing…if it would be read…or even if I would keep this blog up. However, I have gone 42 days on this blog! I have lost 10 pounds! I also have people reading this blog!
I have accomplished quite a bit. But I wanted to write down what I am reaching for. You all have been quite inspirational in getting me where I am working towards!
  • Lose another 10 pounds! I believe 10 pounds a month is a safe and yet still challenging amount to lose!
  • Cook Food on the Weekends! I really am trying to get into the swing of cooking food and getting in the healthy habit. It is completely do-able! 
So I had to stop myself from adding on goal after goal…but I stopped here. I have over loaded myself with so many goals and I didn’t accomplish anything. So smaller is better right here!

However, I can’t forget my Daily Stats!

Walk on the beach is a GREAT workout!

Have to say…this month has started out amazing! By the way, I didn’t forget about my Monday Weigh In…I just have to wait till tomorrow. Sorry NeverEver’s!

So what are your goals for this month NeverEver’s? 

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