Day 45: Family Approved Meal + New Book

Hey NeverEver’s!

So I am feeling TONS better then I did for the last few days! I really hate being sick but I am hoping that since I got sick early in the season that I might not get sick when everyone else is sick. Not sure if that would work or not.

Anyways, I decided that I wanted to cook. As you all know, or will know after this, I am not much of a chef. In fact I try to avoid cooking as much as possible…the kitchen seemed like a really scary place.

But I have taken things slow and steady…and they seem to be working out really well. Here was my experiment for today!

I got some farmer johns chicken patties from Target, they were having a sale, and some of the Archer Farm pasta choices. The one here is Lemon Caper Pasta. It was a little salty for me but otherwise very good.

The chicken was breaded in Fresh and Easy Italian Bread Mix and used egg whites to help coat it on. I don’t use anything else other then EVOO Non-Stick Spray.

Tell the truth I am not sure what else to use as I really don’t want to just pour the oil onto the pan. Any options I would LOVE to hear about it!

I did get a go ahead from the Hubby and his family to keep this idea in the mix of cooking recipes that I want to keep cooking. So that is a BIG plus for me!

Did go out walking today! Almost didn’t, I was distracted by reading one of the newest books in a series I love!

Nalini is a wonderful author who is just amazing bring her characters to life. What is really special is that even though each book is a new character’s relationship, you still see what is going on with the original ones you fell in love with! Oh and did I mention her books are full of vampires and angels?

So after I forced myself to put away my nook, yes it was a struggle, I went for my walk! It was just a wonderful night. Nice weather perfect for an evening walk.

Anyways, here is my Daily Stats for Day 45:

I am pretty happy with today. I went a little over board with the snacking but still was under my calorie limit. What I mean by ‘going overboard’ was that I had a snack when I wasn’t really hungry. I know better then that.

So NeverEver’s, what do you use to cook with in a pan? A non-stick spray? Oil? Butter?

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