Sunday Plan Day + Daily Stats 46 – 48

Hey NeverEver’s!

I do hope you all enjoyed your Sunday…and if you are a Football fan the first seasons games! Can’t say the Hubby and I were very lucky in those games. We practically lost the same way and ALMOST the same score. Not a good day for us at all!

Speaking about not good days…I have to admit this weekend, from Friday to Sunday, hasn’t been my best of days. I have been at home this whole weekend with the hubby just watching movies. Except for that small PS3 (playstation 3) scare we had…we didn’t do anything. And my Daily Stats show it.

Friday Day 46 Stats:

Friday I caught up with a friend over at Red Robin. Stayed away from the burgers…but not the beer. I really need to watch those liquid calories. For dinner the hubby and I decided on Taco Bell. Have to say that I don’t think I can handle it ever again. It didn’t go well for me…so Taco Bell is now off the list of fast food places!

I know it should have been off a while ago, but when your trying to lose weight but the rest of the family isn’t, as they don’t need to, its hard to balance. That is why I usually allow weekends a free pass and don’t worry about it. But my body is changing…and it doesn’t like fast food anymore.

Saturday Day 47 Stats:

Saturday I felt that it wasn’t to bad. We had a small issue with the PlayStation 3, which was fixed after spending $60.00 on it. Not as bad as sending it into Sony though and it seems to be working just like new again!

Hubby actually made lunch, a ham sandwich with egg. I forgot to take pictures so the results can’t be seen, but let me tell you it was YUMMY!

As we had a late lunch Hubby and I decided to share some Panda Express. I think I can get used to the idea of sharing as we were full afterwards.

Sunday Day 48 Stats:

Sunday has to be my worst day since I started this blog. Never have I been in the ‘surplus’! Sad thing is…the calories basically came from liquid calories. I really need to watch my beer intake, especially when I am out with a crowd.

So as this weekend I went over board with processed food, I am going shopping tomorrow and picking up as much fruits and veggies and unprocessed food that I can. The plan is to get the processed food out of my system.

Here is the Grocery List:

  • Lemons – This is for water flavor
  • Egg Whites
  • Lean White Meats
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Fruits
  • Green Tea – I think I might already have this…have to check
  • Vegtables
  • Nuts – I have almonds and peanuts so I am good to go!
Basically I am staying away from pasta and rice (that is going to be so hard), sugars and anything that comes in a box. Yup looking at boxes as the enemy right now!
Now please don’t worry this is only for 3 days and only to clean out all my bad decisions from this weekend. 
Also my Workout Schedule:
Monday: Spin Class
Tuesday: Body Pump
Wednesday: H.I.I.T
Thursday: Day Off
Friday: Gym Cardio
Saturday: Day Off
Sunday: Strength Train Gym
Okay NeverEver’s I am getting ready to hit the sack early tonight! Have you planned out next week? 

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