Lunch and Dinner is Made! Day 49 – 50

Hey NeverEver’s

Sorry I wasn’t here yesterday with a post. I really need to get someone else has my internet provider…it kept going in and out. Very annoying and not helpful at all when trying to write my blog post!

Anyways, I have not being doing all that great on the whole ‘no processed foods’ idea. It is harder then I thought especially since I didn’t go to Fresh and Easy yesterday. I did go today though and picked up some peaches and chicken.

I did have a good breakfast yesterday. The tea, chamomile, was a nice change from coffee. No sugar added, although I was tempted to have some honey with it.

Was good the whole day then was surprised with one of my favorite Latino dishes…Taquitos. I couldn’t say no. So yummy and chicken filled. I was able to stop at 4 though so it wasn’t all bad.

Day 49 Daily Stats:

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As you can see I didn’t do that Spin Class I said I was going to do. I wasn’t able to really get out of the house, it was just one of those days. At least I watched that food intake!

  Today wasn’t my best day. Started off with a headache, didn’t even do anything just woke up. So it was a very quite day until about later.

Lunch was quite an adventure though. Got the idea from SweetToothSweetLife. The tuna just looked so yummy and luckily for me I had some!

I didn’t have any celery, but I needed to have something crunchy, so I diced a small apple. It was the perfect hit for the crunchy need! Also got some spinach to add some ‘green’ to it. Carrots were of course a necessary as well as the egg!

Have you guys tried ‘Triscuit’? I love the rosemary one, it is the best one from what I have tried so far. It just has the perfect blend for a creamy topping or something salty.

Perfect little bite sized lunch was served! It really filled me up, which I did have my doubts. I still have some more tuna for tomorrow and maybe even the next day! Yay for leftovers!!

Dinner was a little more planned out. I saw somewhere an idea for chicken and asparagus, I looked for it but I wasn’t able to re-find it. As I was unable to find it…and I only glanced over the recipe, I had to improvise dinner. Here was what I was able to come up with;

I cut up some chicken thighs, cooked them with EVOO and garlic / thyme. Fresh asparagus was cooked in water and the penne pasta wasn’t supposed to be there but it made a nice addition.

This was Hubby approved well except the asparagus. He really didn’t like that vegetable but I thought it was something different. I am going to try it in some other ways.

What do you think? The pictures getting a little better? What do you think of asparagus?

Oh and I wanted to try something new for my blog. I am going to be posting my Daily Stats the next day. So like today’s will be on tomorrow’s post. I just am seeing that I am missing some steps or my sleep.

NeverEver’s you guys have to let me know what you think about the day later idea!

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