Day 50: Gold is awesome + a jog?

Hey NeverEver’s!

Today was one of those days that went by super fast. Before I knew what happened its already dinner time. Ever had one of those days?

So I found out that I LOVE Essie! My newest color is ‘Good as Gold’! I love how it looks and it is so shiny!

But I found a new treasure for doing my own nails! It is called envi! It really dries your nails basically as soon as it is sprayed. It is perfect for those of us who mess up their nails almost as soon as the polish is on!

I am very happy to have found this and can’t believe I wasn’t able to find it earlier. It would have made my nail polishing jobs so much easier.

Day 50 Daily Stats:

So it turned out that I am not going to the gym this week. It is more of a walk type week. Although I did do a little bit of jogging last night. Something that I really want to keep up.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to job one city block without stopping. No pain in my shoulder, which is an issue that I have had in the past.

Going to head out walking as soon as dinner is done. Maybe I can jog a little more tonight?

So NeverEver’s, do you walk or jog? Or have you gone from jogging to running how did you do it?

See you all tomorrow!

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