Day 51: Dinner is cooked + Another jog down

Hey NeverEver’s!

I hope your Thursday is going well? Mine was a little nerve wracking at times but I think that had to do with me going to an interview. They are never easy…no matter how many times you have them.

Also got an e-mail from a job opportunity that connected with me through Linkedin. So if you are looking for a job, even if you aren’t, linkedin is getting some more attention from companies that are hiring! Something to keep in mind.

Daily Stats Day 51:

So I am really excited that I went jogging last night. Wasn’t even planning on it but it happened. Got further last night then I did on Tuesday. Maybe after this post when I go out walking I will be jogging again?

I do love my Calorie Balance here!

Okay so dinner for tonight. Hubby came home early today and I forgot to take out the ground turkey that I was gonna use. One phone call later and the turkey is out of the freezer and the Hubby is laughing at me for forgetting. After threatening him with no food the teasing stopped.

I decide that I want a snack. Got these really sweet and juicy peaches from Fresh and Easy this week and it was time to try them out! As stated it was delicious and the Laughing Cow Cheese just topped it off perfectly! Hubby was a little leery about trying it but once he did he liked it. Like I knew he would ^_^.

Dinner was a little bit of a hassle though. Started off with the idea of Turkey Meatballs with Wheat Spaghetti! A normal Italian meal just a little healthier. Well it didn’t turn out that way.

Turns out that I can’t cook wheat pasta. Somehow it turned into mush. If anyone has an idea of how that happened I would really love to know why!

My meatballs turned out really well though! Instead of bread pieces I did the bread crumbs. egg whites and some garlic. Coated the pan with EVOO spray. Also did some steamed broccoli!

This is what I ended up with! It was a decision not to use ‘Steamed’ vegetables anymore. We prefer to use the boiled version. The steamed just was a little to plastic-ie tasting.

I got the idea of the ‘Healthy MeatBalls’ from here healthy-and-tasty-turkey-meatballs. But once I looked at what the recipe called for I realized I didn’t have almost any of it. So I made my own, but this is still saved in the ‘recipe’s to try’ pile. It does look good!

Dinner wasn’t exactly what I planned at the beginning of the night but it went pretty well! It was family approved which is a big thing.

So NeverEver’s how did you deal when something went wrong in the kitchen? What do you guys think about ‘Steamed’ veggies? Also, how are you liking the ‘Day Behind Stats’??

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