Day 52: Shopping for my Blog

Hey NeverEver’s!

How has your Friday been?

It has been a wonderful day since the Hubby has the day off and I, well I still don’t have a job so ya. The So. Cal weather is not going with the idea that it is Fall and therefore should be cooler but we haven’t gotten the memo, there is a heat wave hitting us this weekend.

So I had no idea what I wanted to do for breakfast today. Since the Hubby was home I usually cook breakfast for us together but today I wasn’t feeling it. After some great suggestions from my friends and after reading the posts from other blogs I got inspired. Have to say it came from Peanut Butter and Peppers, while looking through her amazing recipes I got my idea.

Cinnamon and Peach MultiGrain Pancakes

The whole kitchen really had really yummy Fall smell to it. The peaches went really well with the cinnamon. What made it better was it was Hubby approved!

After lazying around the house we went to get some stuff from Target. We are going to a movie marathon tomorrow for Indiana Jones, I personally can’t wait, but I wanted to pick up some ‘Healthy Snacks’ so I wouldn’t be stuck with popcorn and candies.

Got some almonds, Special K bars, and Low Fat Ruffles. All of which is better then popcorn when your in a theater for 4 movies in a row. Its a good thing Harrison Ford is so damn sexy!

Anyways, Hubby surprised me by looking at plates for my food on the blog. I was talking with him earlier that I didn’t like the way my pictures were coming out. We are talking about getting a new camera one of these days, but for now  think these will help.

I never would have really picked these colors out but Hubby has some creative tastes and came out with this.

Again something I wouldn’t have picked out but this is one of my favorite ones that we got.

I really have no idea how the picture came out sideways but it did. Anyways, I do love the Black vs White look so this one I might be using more often.

I love the contrast here, just like with the black and white. This one just pops a little more I think.

So that was my shopping for my Blog. I never would have thought I would actually be getting things for this but I am happy I have. Makes it even better that it was the Hubby’s idea!

Daily Stats Day 51:

Yesterday was an amazing workout. Went to the park like normal but instead of just walking it I actually jogged in intervals around the park. Never have I done that before. It has been astounding me that I am jogging but able to keep it up!

Okay NeverEver’s enjoy your weekend! Also let me know what you think about my new plates!

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