Weekend Review Day’s 53 & 54

Hey NeverEver’s!

How was your weekend? Mine has gone by pretty fast. Of course I think that has to do with the fact I spent all of yesterday in a movie theater!

Since the Hubby and I were going to spending hours in that theater, for a worthy cause of course, entertainment! We had to start the day off right!

Cantaloupe with grapes and a light drizzle of honey! It was just the right kind of sweet. Hubby wasn’t to sure about it at first, he never had cantaloupe like this before, but after trying it out he admitted he liked it! Score!!

We got a picture of the first artifact that Indiana ‘re-locates’ in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Have to say the movies were wonderfully remastered!

We did have a small issue with a fire alarm going off, at first we all thought the flashing lights was something to do with the movie, oops. After things settled down we found out that someone pulled the fire switch while leaning against it. Every movie goer got a free ticket back for the whole ‘disturbance of the movie’. I personally was just happy that it wasn’t an actual fire!

A really nice touch with AMC was that they placed the times the movies were going to be starting, so we all had time to move around after each movie without worrying about missing the next one! It was really well put together and well worth the $25 for the ticket.

After the movies, we got out pretty late, Hubby and I decided to try a new place by the theater. i-sweet has only been open for 4 months but the place was packed.

I ordered the green tea & milk shaved ice cream with mochi pieces. It was delicious! The green tea didn’t have any unnatural sweetness so it was still tart. The thing was huge though so the Hubby and I shared! There was some left overs, like I said it was a lot of shaved ice cream, so I know what I will be having for the next few days ^_^!

Daily Stats Day 52:

Friday after going shopping for new Blog Plates over at Target I start craving pizza. So for the ‘treat’ of the weekend was a little early and we went for some pizza hut. I think I did pretty well with that calorie balance!

Daily Stats Day 53:

For a day in the theater what saved me…Almonds! They filled me up so well that a lunch of a hotdog was just enough. Also I did sleep more then 3 hours but my arm started hurting, I slept on it, and I just had to take off the Body Media.

Second Week Game

So Sunday has been pretty good to me. Slept in, made breakfast, and just basically enjoying my game…even if we are losing!

I wasn’t sure what I really wanted for breakfast today but as soon as I got to the kitchen I knew. I wanted pancakes again…but this time I wanted apples in them!

MultiGrain Apple and Cinnamon Stuffed Pancake

First I am happy how these babies turned out! So yummy with the apple and cinnamon! Have to say that I might like these ones better then the MultiGrain Peach and Cinnamon Stuffed Pancakes.

 Secondly I love how this picture came out! The plate and the syrup under it! It looks awesome, or at least better then some of my other pictures!

So NeverEver’s do you guys wake up on Sunday to watch your teams play? What is your favorite thing to make for weekend breakfast? I need some new ideas!

Have a great rest of your Sunday NeverEver’s, see you all on Monday!

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