Day 58: Slow and Steady Forwards not Backwards!

Hey NeverEver’s,

As you all know I haven’t hit the gym in a while. Not to say I haven’t been working out, I have been walking (even jogging) but just no gym. I am finding it extremely hard to get back into the gym now that I have been out of it for so long.

I have actually found myself wanting to go walking, or jogging, once the sun goes down. However, I decided that I need to get back to my weights. The muscles need to workout as well, even if I have to stay off my wrist for now.

Work, while I have it, is 8-5pm. Afterwards I head home and make dinner. Let me say this…for all those Mothers, Fathers, and people who like cooking, I applaud you! It is such a pain to come up with ideas, not to mention remember to take the meat out of the freezer, while still working and doing other chores!

I am finding that it takes most of my attention of working, traffic, and the want to go walking, that I am not planning my dinners or even remembering that I ma cooking, until the Hubby reminds me. Then I am in ‘panic mode’ trying to plan something or going over in my head what to cook. Tell the truth I am not sure how you ‘cookers’ get it all done!

It is so easy to get the idea of ‘Oh I am to busy’ or ‘I am just not in the mode tonight’ and not do what I need to do. That is either cooking something healthy or going to workout. It is so easy to really just fall back to my old habits. Those habits which made me unhappy with who I am and what I have done with my life.

So I am making sure to go grocery shopping this weekend for next weeks food. I have made gym dates with my gym buddy. Who also have strict instructions that they are not allowed to tell me ‘Oh I can’t make it’ until after I text them ‘Hey I am here where are you’ so I wont use it as an excuse to not go!

Slow and Steady is supposed to win this race. And I get that, its true. But, that doesn’t mean I have the right to go backwards. That isn’t allowed! I am going to stop this backwards pace before it becomes a habit!

Day 57 Daily Stats:

I started yesterday with finally walking. I am going to continue today by walking again…and I shall continue until I get to my goals.

Hope you had an amazing Thursday and really looking forward to the weekend! I know I am!

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