Self Magazine — Stand Outs!

Hey NeverEver’s,

Can you guys believe that it is almost the end of September already? I can’t believe it. It really doesn’t feel like the first day of Fall, which is today. Nor can I believe that my birthday is less then a month away! Okay for that one its more on me ^_^ but really this year has gone by super fast!

Anyways, if you are a dedicated reader of the Self Magazine, you know that every October it is about ‘Woman’s Cancer’. Self’s previous editor, Alexandra Penney, along with Este Lauder’s creator, Evelyn Lauder, co-founded the pink ribbon in 92 (it seems like that tiny ribbon has been with us for so much longer) they took cancer from a dark hidden secret to  something that can and should be talked about.

So every October, and some months between, Self talks about cancer. What has been done, when check-ups should be had, and try’s to give as much information as possible. Here is what Stood Out to me while reading!

  1. Even though the month of October makes some of us think about ‘Oktoberfest’ (yes please take me) there is another way to get your drink on! ‘Cider Week‘ is all about hard apple cider. Apparently, there are different ways to drink delicious beverage, personally when Cider comes out it is officially fall for me. There is even a cider that has hops! Just like beer! One of them is called Yakima Valley Dry Hopped Cider. If you are a sweet drinker try Eve’s Essence. 
  2. The new ‘Runner’s Food’ is now Quinoa not pasta. Apparently it was studied in New York Uni that the grainy seed is higher in fiber and protein. So it keeps you going for longer. Something to think about if you have a race this Fall Season!
  3. If there are any guys reading this blog…you can ignore this post! However, ladies all eyes here! There are new High Tech Skin Scans…and they coming to select WalGreen Stores! It is called the DermoAnalyzer by Vichy and La Roche-Posay! It takes 4 different pictures of your skin under different lights and will give you an idea of which products will be best for your skin! If any of you is lucky enough to have this in your local WalGreen’s please let me know! 
  4. Tell yourself ‘I don’t skip exercise’ and you wont! A in the Journal of Consumer show that nearly 80% of woman who said ‘I don’t’ stuck to their workout plan for 10 days! They say it is because it signals your determination! 
  5. Want to create an At Home Gym you need to color it up! Don’t need to spend a lot of money, or even paint the whole place. Little strips of either Blue for that extra push, as we link the color Blue with limitless possibilities. Or Green for a little recharge, we link this color with nature and our roots. 
  6. Drinking Water with that hamburger will make you want to have a healthy snack. Studies show that we link sugary drinks with unhealthy sides and water with the healthy ones. This comes from the Univ of Oregon. 
  7. There was quite a few Breathing techniques in this months magazine. From Out Running your Fear from ‘Fear the Fear’ to Breathe for an Awesome Body which has points for runners, yogi’s and spinners (outside ones and inside ones!). 
  8. Smoking is bad for you. Okay we all know that, I just wanted to point it out that in Self it has a 9.5 bad for you score! 
  9. They also have some better then Fifty Shades of Grey books. Not bad picks if you ask me, which of course you have ^_^. 
There is also TONS of Cancer information, inspirational stories and of course kick ass workouts! The workout has a DIY Sandbag. Anyways, that is the information that really Stood Out for me. 
Let me know if something really talked to you as well! 
Next Stand Out…Fitness Magazine…or maybe Shape.

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