Manic Monday: Firemen & Cooking Oh My

Hey NeverEver’s,

I hope you guys have seen the new ‘page’ buttons on the top of the screen! I am still working on them and hope to have all my changes done by the end of this week!

Let me know what you guys think about my ‘About’ page. I tried not to make it to long…especially about my childhood.

Anyways, had an interesting experience at my temporary work today. Somehow the fire alarm got pulled and we all have to get out of the building. It was like a maze with people really not knowing what to do. Kind of sad when I think back to all the Fire Drills we had at school. I know I wasn’t the only one that looked forward to those days!

Sadly my fire(wo)men did not come half dressed!

So we all are outside, finally, and small and big firetrucks, ambulances and some other emergency vehicles appeared but I am not sure what they actually were.

We, those that were hourly, were allowed to go home after the management team were informed that the professionals needed to check the whole building! So I got to come home early today ^_^.

After being sent home, I went to Target to get some food shopping done. Picked up lunch and dinner supplies. I do have to say, I like the Target food mart! You can really find basically everything you need, unless you want Organic or something that needs Trader Joe’s or Fresh & Easy. But my list was simple so Target was perfect for me.

Dinner was a small affair tonight. Since I came home early I had lots of time to think about what I wanted tonight. But usually we eat dinner around 6 or 7pm, but since I have a gym date tonight I couldn’t eat that late. So I changed everyone’s schedule and as soon as everyone was at home dinner was severed!

Tonight’s was a 3oz steak each that was cooked in Worcestershire sauce and EVOO. I did add some light garlic powder, which I think gave the steak its kick!

Side dish was California Grown Golden Potato, which was so yummy! It was soft inside and crispy outside. So perfect that all I needed to do was add a small dash of pepper.

Plus some Organic String Beans. I added a small amount of EVOO on top of the beans and I felt that it went right along with the crunchy-ness.

All in All dinner was a success, even if I did have dinner a little earlier!

Daily Stats Day 61:

For a quite Sunday, I am pretty happy with these stats!

Okay NeverEver’s, I have to get ready for my Gym date and my Monday Weigh In! I am slightly afraid what that gym scale is gonna say, but I can’t change if I don’t know!

What did you guys have for dinner tonight?

See you all tomorrow!

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