Tuesday Morning Workout + Weigh In

Hey NeverEver’s!

Okay I am exhausted…okay a little more then exhausted. Hubby has a new work schedule, has to be in at 6:30, so it means we wake up around 5:30. I usually just turned around and head back to sleep. However, I was so tired of just wasting my time in the morning, feeling rushed and still sleepy. So I begged the hubby to wake me up with him.

So of course, as we are heading to bed all I can think about ‘You have 7 hours before you get woken up better get to sleep’ or ‘Why aren’t you asleep yet’. I didn’t get much sleep of course, poor Hubby had to deal with me tossing and turning the whole night.

But I woke up this morning AND I went to the gym! I know, not a morning person at all…but here I was heading to the gym for a workout before work. Not 100% certain if it kept me awake the whole day or if I felt like I had any more energy, but I will keep you guys updated!

So besides my new wake up schedule (I do hope I keep it ^_^), my temp assignment ends this Friday. Not sure how to feel about it ending. This really has brought me back into the working world. I do miss being at home all day at times, being able to work on this blog or reading my books whenever I want.

But, it is necessary to work. I like meeting new people or landing feet first in a new environment to see what I can do! So, I will continue to get new temporary jobs while looking for a job that is just right for me. Haven’t found it yet, but it is out there!

Okay so I weighed myself last night. Before working out and I am so excited, okay BEYOND excited, I lost weight!!! 2 pounds! I am still trying to wrap my head around this awesomness!

Daily Stats Day 62:

Look at that, down 12 pounds in 62 days! If I didn’t weigh myself and I didn’t know that I worked for that weight loss (on most days) I never would have thought it would be possible. Did I mention that my tight pants are looser? I think I did…but if I didn’t, well my pants are looser as well!

So NeverEver’s, have you ever lost weight that surprised you?
What is your dream job?

Till next time NeverEver’s I shall leave you with this!

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