Gym, Dinner and Evening Walk

Hey NeverEver’s!

I made it to the gym again this morning! Yup, second day of working out in the morning…which means I am waking up early in the morning! They say it takes 3 weeks to make something into a habit so lets see what happens the next three weeks.

Anyways, this will not be a super long post. I am way to distracted by the really nice walking weather outside. But, I have to let my food digest and I really wanted to show you my cooking tonight!

I call it…Turkeyburger Helper! Okay, its a horrible horrible name but I got the idea from hamburger helper as you will see ^_^.

I had some Turkey left over and I didn’t want to make turkey meatballs so I decided to go simple. A healthy version of Hamburger Helper and above is what I came up with!
The pasta was left over, I seriously can’t remember what this type of pasta is called, but it was wheat. And the sauce I used sun-dried tomatoes and basil with EVOO. It was a really tasty combination and something that I shall be cooking again!
The family loved it, even my father in law who doesn’t like ANY greens on his plate. Plus there was enough left over for lunch tomorrow! 
Which is good because apparently my temp assignment might be lasting longer then the original 2 weeks. Of course this is awesome because my 24 Hour is literally 2 exits before work or 2 exits before I get on the freeway home. I can’t miss it even if I wanted to!
Daily Stats Day 63:
Look at those stats. Second day back in the gym, after a LONG hiatus, and I make it in there two times in one day! Have to say that those stats look pretty good! This is a really good start to the Fall Season! 
Okay NeverEver’s, sorry if I rambled today…I re-read what I wrote and fixed things up and I STILL feel like I am rambling, possible its a mood. Anyways, I am leaving you with this as it is time for my Evening Walk. I found it and it really hit me:

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