Laughing is the Best Medicine!

Hey NeverEver’s,

So the last two days really hasn’t be great for me. The job hasn’t been great, mainly because the company wasn’t ready for this at all and really don’t know what to do. And, the fact that I am such a klutz that I twisted my knee, or at least it feels like it was twisted, in the shower last night.

I am really not sure how that happened of course…still trying to work it out in my head.  Anyways, I decided I wanted to look at things that made me laugh! Here is what I came up with!

The hubby found this one. The fact that they can get characters, that wasn’t created for this, to dance to this song…AMAZING!

I used to love these things! It was so much fun just to recycle them…plus they sometimes in different colors!

Its a cat…in a top hat. I seriously don’t need to say more right?!?

I can’t help but laugh at this one! Such a big load this truck has!

Okay so my Daily Stats. Be warned I am not happy with the last half of the week. Didn’t bring my lunch to work and I let me stress get to me…

Daily Stats Day 64:

Wednesday wasn’t bad. Went to the gym that night with a friend and it was my last good day this week.

Daily Stats Day 65:

Yup there it went. Office Sweets oy…

I wont be posting Friday until Sunday but it isn’t any better. However, I am going out hiking tomorrow with some friends and it is a perfect way to get back on track!

I can’t wait till we go until so many pictures and fun to be had!

So NeverEver’s, I will be having a much better week next week…I WILL be taking my own lunch, no more eating out. It is getting to expensive to my health and my wallet.

Have a great weekend you all!!!

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