Weekend Updates: Hiking, Neptune, and Mazes Oh My

Hey NeverEver’s,

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I can’t believe that it is already Sunday. It seems like the weekend just flies by…I would seriously like it to slow down, maybe smell the flowers? California in the Fall does have its colors!

 So Saturday was pretty busy. Hubby and I went hiking in the Los Padres Mountains. We still can’t seem to find the swimming areas, but that just means we have to keep heading back ^_^.

Last time we were here it wasn’t so ‘Green’ nor was there so much water. I loved how it looked!

That fallen tree wasn’t there either. Of course we all had to have our turn crossing it. There was a few times it ‘bounced’ that it got a little heart racing!
Max, the awesome friend / photographer, was the first to try the fallen tree. How brave is that! 

Hubby was the last but he decided he wanted to jump a little right in the middle. The whole tree, or is it a log now, decided it wanted to move as well. We all left the tree alone after that. 

Forget hiking…you burn calories trying to navigate over rocks! I swear it! Plus its fun and you seriously feel so adventurous trying to get around! 

Hubby caught me on mid-leap! I was so ecstatic that I actually made it. Personally, I was thinking it was going to end in a splash! 
So after all that hiking we decided we were hungry. Some how we ended up near Malibu, CA and stopped at Neptune’s Net.  
They have an awesome walk in area where you can pick out your own beer or other drinks. I went with the Shock Top, Hubby with the NewCastle and Max with the Stella. So many different tastes. 

By the time food arrived we were all very hungry. I went with the BBQ Pulled Pork, which was delicious, and Hubby went with the shrimp and Calamari. The Shrimp was yummy as well!

So while we were eating we found out that Hubby’s sister got free tickets to a Halloween Maze by their house. Needless to say we HAD to go!

The Haunted Hollywood Sports, which on non Halloween days, is actually a HUGE paintball place. What they did was each of the 4 mazes were created out of their original paintball ‘war’ grounds. The mazes were creepy and thrilling! 
Plus they also had this thing called ‘Zombie KillZones’ where you get a paintball gun, no paintball’s just air, and you can SHOOT at the zombies. Sadly our tickets didn’t include that BUT we are thinking about going back. I mean how many other things can you shoot at zombies?
Anyways before I forget, Daily Stats!
Daily Stats Day 66:
It was the Cookie Oreo Shake. And to tell the truth it wasn’t very fulfilling. 
Daily Stats Day 67:
See climbing over rocks seriously burns those calories! 
Okay so I am leaving you all with this. It is ON between the Hubby and I. Hopefully tomorrow I will be writing and gloating, about how my  Saints won the game! 
Hope you all enjoyed the pictures! I know there was LOTS of them, but it really is an amazing spot that had to be shared!
Have a good rest of your Sunday NeverEver’s!

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