Dinner is Ready Plus Daily Stats

Hey NeverEver’s!

I hope you all had an amazing Halloween! We don’t have much kids in our neighborhood so there isn’t much trick o’ treating going on which is fine…less candy for me!

So I wanted to share with you all what I made for dinner tonight! Yes I am extremely happy with this one…I was planning it the whole week!

Let me introduce you all to the Ranch Burgers as created by the amazing & talented Jennifer from Peanut Butter & Peppers!

Jennifer has WAY better pictures then this one…but it was just as delicious, at least I think so!

Best thing is that it is only 275 calories. Plus, you get to make your own ranch dressing which is a great little twist!

Plus I already have my dinner ready to go for tomorrow…YUP I am a day ahead!

But that is because I am using a crock pot to cook it. Since I don’t get home in time to cook it I am preparing it tonight as it wont be enough time to cook tomorrow.

I am cooking my garlic ribs! Can’t wait to share with you how these will be for tomorrow!

Okay on to the Daily Stats!

Daily Stats Day 95:

Daily Stats Day 96:

Daily Stats Day 97:

I can’t believe that I am already on day 98. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I started this blog. It has been such a journey.

So thank you all for sharing that with me!

Okay that is enough sappy-ness for me today or tonight as the case may be!

See you all tomorrow NeverEver’s!

Halloween KLUTCHclub Review


Today’s post will be in orange! Don’t ya just love my 80’s ish hair? I thought it would be easier to actually do then it was. My arms had a mini workout. All that pulling and fluffing! Not sure how people survived it for a whole decade!?!?!

Tell the truth I had this costume in the back of my mind for a while. I wanted something I could work in and that I didn’t have to spend $60+ for a one day outfit. 

Sorry for all the mess…Hubby had already left for work and I only had a mirror to work with ^_^

Sadly, my work doesn’t believe in dressing up…but I have a WHOLE ANOTHER YEAR to wear these people down! Next year…everyone in costumes!

Breakfast…I just really wanted a Skinny Jasmine Green Tea from Coffee Bean! It is so smooth and good, couldn’t pass it up.

But I was hungry and really wanted to stay away from all the sweets, the butter croissant was really calling my name! So I am trying the Umpqua Oats ‘Kick Start’! 

It is delicious! 

I actually am searching to see if I can get it as retail outside of Coffee Bean. 

Okay so before I get into my Daily Stats (I know I am behind) I wanted to share with you some of the awesome things from the ‘October Box’ of KLUTCHclub! Which I talked about here at the end. I am very excited to be even using these things!

Here it is in all its glory! 

So I have tired…and LOVED the Yurbuds! So far it has survived 3 llloooonnnngggg walks in and around my park without so much as a fall out! 


I got ‘3’ of these Bites called Good Greens. Now they are good covered with dark chocolate, and either coconut, peanut butter and raspberry. 

Those are the flavors I got. Have to say, I was loving the raspberry and peanut butter (shown) better then the coconut. But, that is because I really do not like coconut. 

The chocolate is delicious and its filled with 30 vitamins and minerals that ONLY add up to 50 calories! 

One of my favorite in this whole box is the natural black eyeliner called Devita Skin Care! I mean not only is it made out of natural make-up awesomeness BUT it also has

Okay so it is a little blurry BUT its a sharpener…attached to the cap! I mean how genius is that? Its totally genius…like sliced bread genius!

So there is a BUNCH of other things in my box of goodies, however, they haven’t been used yet…plans for tonight. 

We will continue this TOMORROW! 

Thank you KLUTCHclub for this awesome box! 

Shape Magazine Monthly Stand Outs

Hey NeverEver’s

Alicia here with the November Shape Stand Outs with Pink on the Cover.

First off I love her tattoo of the dragon. Very nice looking!

Okay on to what stood out for me this month!

  1. Right when I open up the magazine I am hit by a workout. An ‘Away from home’ workout! Have to love the ‘Wobbly Touchdown’ plus all these moves require nothing more then whats available in your hotel or parents house! 
  2. Pink’s ‘5 Moves to Fab Ab’s’ workout is a hitter! I am going to be adding it to my AB day!
  3. Have a Desk Job? You need to check out the 3 exercises on ‘Build a Better Workout’ Bonus Plan. 
  4. Turkey Tips! Don’t thaw a ‘frozen’ turkey on your counter top! You need to defrost the turkey with the wrapper in the fridge! You should also allow 1 day for every 4 to 5 pounds, and cook within 2 days of de-frosting it!
  5. You flying this holiday season? You might get into a layover, so at these Airports are promoting activity!
    1. At the San Fran Airport hosts a low key YOGA room. It is a free place to stretch and get your OHM on!
    2. The Chicago O’Hare offers access to the Hilton Hotel Fitness Room! Only $15 for a day. 
    3. Dallas / FortWorth Airport has a LiveWell Walking Path, you can log nearly a mile + two 55 foot high staircases and you end up at a yoga studio!
    4. Baltimore/Washington Airport offer an area for cyclists to take their bikes for a spin on their 11 mile outside the terminal. Don’t have a bike? You can walk / hike the path!
  6. Did you know that a Steering Wheel can have up to 1,000 bacteria per square inch!
  7. Holidays got you stressed? Try some of these tips!
    1. Cook like a Zen Master – Smell your those herbs and your cooking. 
    2. Hide Your SmartPhone! 
    3. Cheese it – Rough Day? Instead of reaching for the cookies try reaching for a piece of cheese w/ some fruit!
    4. Nap! My personal favorite…take a rest!
I think I am ready for the Holidays!

My first Pumpkin — Anything

Hey NeverEver’s!
I hope you are all having a GREAT Monday! Not sure how it will be later but so far it has been a great Monday for me!
Okay, so I wanted to share with you my first Pumpkin Tasting! I have never had pumpkin anything before. At least as far as I can remember. 
So, for Sunday Morning…I made Pumpkin Pancakes!

So here they are all stacked up! I can never make like the small golden stacks you see everywhere! But they were delicious!

Each family member got 2 ‘large’ pancakes and I set out the toppings of choice. For my Hubby and his Mother, they choose the caramel topping. For my Father in Law he wanted the strawberry preserve  and for me well I just went with the syrup! – Why mess with a good thing?

I was a little worried with the Pumpkin Pancake looking so ‘burnt’ but it was the pumpkin making it that dark, not me leaving it in the skillet to long!

Also, this is the first time I have ever done, or eaten for that matter, something pumpkin. I have no idea why but I had in my head that pumpkin tasted ‘nasty’ and wasn’t something I wanted.

So to get over that I made something with pumpkin in it! I don’t ever remember having pumpkin before so it was important to me to understand why I didn’t like it.

Well I ended up LOVING it! I will probably not be a pumpkin fanatic but now I know that I can have something ‘Pumpkin’ and not keel over and die! Yay for experiencing new things!

So there is my Pumpkin story.

Have you guys ever thought something was ‘nasty’ or ‘bad tasting’ only to try it out and it wasn’t? 

Monthly Self Magazine Stand Outs!

Hey NeverEver’s,

I know I know I am EXTREMELY late with this post. Not sure what happened but it happened.

So this is Self Magazine November Issue with Nina Dobrev as the Cover Star, and it has some great things in it. Here are the Top 10 that stood out for me!

  1. First on the Cover Star Nina Dobrev – Yoga seems to be her thing. To her Yoga is a perfect toner and leaner. For a Clear Head she goes to Downward Dog and for a Happy Mood the Savasana is the one for her!
  2. I personally love the November Moves! Have Wall. Get Fit. Great moves and they just require a ‘Wall’. We all have a ‘Wall’ somewhere in the house or gym!
  3. Walking outdoors in the country or near the coast makes you more relaxed and happier then hitting the pavement in the city a study by Natural England. 
  4. The Rowing Machine has now got its own class called ‘Shockwave’ in Equinox gyms! Finally my favorite machine is getting some love!
  5. You have to check out the Self’s Vacation Madness pages! They have stays for ‘Fit-Cations’, Water Bound, Yoga, Golf and my personal favorite nature in Alaska! Some are a little pricey (saving is possible), and others are just right for a weekend warrior! 
  6. Can you squeeze in 15 min’s for twice a week? Good then hit the weights for that time to keep your muscles toned and you metabolism running high!
  7. Eating a salad most of the time? Don’t eat it bare, apparently you may not be absorbing the veggies nutrients if you do. Try drizzling some Olive or Canola oil based vinaigrette’s so you can absorb the good stuff. Study is from Purdue Univ. 
  8. There is are several interesting articles in this Month’s Self. There is one on the effects of ‘Pot’ and’Buying a Gun and the Pro’s and Con’s of that decision. Well worth the read, even if you feel confident on your decision on these explosive, pun intended, topics!
Turkey Dinner is coming! Here were some of the Tips that stood out to me to make it a slimmer, yet yummy, plate!
  • When it comes to the turkey don’t eat the ‘wing’ of the bird. The Wing has nearly twice the amount of saturated fat.
  • Pile on the veggies first on your plate so you have less room for the carbs!
  • Watch out for mashed potatoes. They are easy to over eat as there is no cutting or chewing.
  • Pie Chart ahead – Pumpkin Wins at 316 calories, Apple is around 411 calories and Pecan (my favorite) is a whopping 503 calories!

Sunday Fun Day – Playing Catch Up

Hey NeverEver’s!

I hope you have all had a great ‘Halloween’ Weekend! Sadly, there was no parties for me this weekend. Not sure what was going on but this year was a quite Halloween. Oh well, there is always dressing up for work on Wednesday (I am thinking 80’s) and next year to party it up!

So I was looking at all my posts and I just noticed that I haven’t done my Daily Stats since Tuesday‘s Post…which was Monday’s Stats. What happened this week? I am not sure but let us catch up!

Daily Stats Day 90:

So quick review on Tuesday’s Food! I tried a wonderful recipe off of Eat, Live, Run, which was the 30 minute lemon brown sugar chicken!

It was so sweet yet lemon-y tart it became a favorite here in this household!

I did do a ‘Calorie Counter’ for it…well because I didn’t know what it was. As a side note, I did use Wheat Flour not While.

 Not upset with these food stats at all. It was a delicious chicken!

Okay on to Wednesday’s Daily Stats!

Daily Stats Day 91:

Wednesday was a quite day. Some family came over and Mother in Law made her tomato noodle soup. Which we all added bananas to!

Daily Stats Day 92:

Thursday was fun. It was the first time I have ever done a ‘What I Ate’ post and I made a delicious dinner. Thank you again SkinnyTaste! Sadly my picture looked nothing like Gina’s…but I am willing to bet it tasted just as yummy! Which in the end is what counts.

It was also family approved, and basically eaten, before I could get any good photos. Hubby and I invited his sister and her boyfriend over for dinner. So it was a loud and happy night!

Daily Stats Day 93:

Just a normal Friday after work for me today. Hubby had some allergies so he wanted a night in.

Daily Stats Day 94:

Saturday was a fun day. First we get woken up by the owners of the house, we live in a duplex, saying that they were going to change our windows to more energy efficient ones.

I am ALL for older houses going green…however, not when its 8 in the morning on a Saturday.

Good bye old windows I knew thee well! Good bye window bars…I shall not miss you at all.

Okay so after we were awakened and out of the house, after covering all the appliances and such in the house. Hubby and I went stove shopping! Yay!!!!

We have found a possible winner. It is KitchenAid 2 oven stove for about $1400. At Sears it was $2000 but at BestBuys it was $1400. Still need to check out Lowe’s but I think we have a winner!

Never had a double stove before, so I am pretty excited for this new thing to be in my kitchen!

So after all that shopping Hubby and I were getting hungry so we stopped by Hubby’s favorite place in the world…

Islands! They have this new, very delicious, Ocktoberfest Beer. It went well with my Guacamole burger! Hubby got the Golden Ale, which is a stable on their tap.

The Burger was delicious! I really have never had a better Guac burger then when I come here. So after dinner we went over to the movies to watch Silent Hill in 3D.

I had goosebumps throughout the whole movie. But, as a gamer I just wanted to come home and play the game to see where the movie went wrong…I might be playing it after I finish with all my blogging business!

Okay NeverEver’s! We are finally caught up on the Daily Stats! I really never want to be this far behind on those things again and I am sorry it happened this time!

I hope you have all checked out my Guest Post  for FitKit! I have been invited to do this once a month, which I am so happy about!

On to work on the Magazine Stand Outs! (I know I am extremely late on this one). Also just one more thing…

It came in! My KLUTCHclub October box! Here was all that was in it! Can not wait to share with you how everything in the box goes!

Okay so I did lie a little bit…that wasn’t the last of it. Tonight is my game!

Lets go Saints! Who Dat!!

Now its the end. Sorry for the really long post…it will teach me never to play catch up again!

Have a great rest of your Sunday NeverEver’s! Let me know what you think of my Guest Post for FitKit and the KLUTCHclub goodie bag!

What I Ate Thursday – First Time

Hey NeverEver’s!

Today has been crazy…then it was dead quite. Not sure which one got me more worked up though.

So to have a little fun today, and since I have never done this, I am trying to do a ‘What I Ate’ type day!

Yay for me for trying new things!

But first…my CUTE (no laughing) workout clothes from yesterday! Don’t you just LOVE how I rock my Orange and Blue!

But like I said…I get to the gym after work more often if I am already dressed for the part!

Okay so first is Breakfast!

This is something that my Mother in Law makes during the Fall. It is basically a tomato soup with small noodles.

However, if you add this to it

You get this! It is a yummy, not to hot – not to cold, type of meal perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

So a later snack was just the rest of the banana. It was pretty good even without the soup around it.

Lunch was left overs from yesterday nights cooking. I actually didn’t have any last night as the banana pasta soup filled me up. So I made sure that I grabbed enough for Lunch today!

I also had some left over Peanut M&M’s that a co-worker gave me. There was only 6 left so I felt…why not!

But they were also gone before a picture could be taken.

I blame their bright colors…they are so yummy!

So I can’t show you dinner yet…mainly because I am going to be cooking it soon. Pic’s will be coming tomorrow. BUT, I can show you what I will be making!

Plus here are all the ingredients!

Here is the link for the yummy looking dinner! SkinnyTaste. Lets hope mine look just as good as Gina’s!

Okay NeverEver’s…I have to say that I am pretty happy with myself on keeping to my goals!

1. Brought my lunch to work 4 out of 5 days – CHECK
2. Got to the gym in the morning before work – Partial Check…BUT…I didn’t go in the morning I would go after work
3. Make dinner 3 nights out of the week – CHECK – Tonight Counts!
4. Get some Healthy ‘treat’ choices for Halloween – I haven’t even looked or thought about this one…No Check for me

I am also really looking forward to the AroundThePlate  November Challenge. I am already thinking about some crockpot meals that I can do…and things for the weekend.

Have to admit at this point I think the weekend is going to be the hardest part of this Challenge. No eating out on a weekend? Its never been done before!

Can’t wait! I also hope some of you join me for this as well. I will be posting all about it on November 1st in a dedicated post all about it!

Okay I have to get back to cooking or my family is gonna starve…or so they tell me!